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Welcome to our Mentorship Group

Here you'll find motivation, accountability, support and encouragement as you work to simplify your home. This group is for those who want more support and advice on their decluttering journey.

COST: $15/month *cancel anytime!


What you can expect...

WHAT: This is a private membership group that can be joined by paying a monthly membership fee

COST: $15/month (cancel anytime!)

WHERE: In a private Facebook Group (not on Facebook? See the FAQ below!)


  • DAILY VIDEOS: Each weekday I post a 5 minute video with a specific decluttering task or tactic.

  • WEEKLY: Each week we have a weekly challenge or game to keep decluttering fresh and fun. Members are encouraged to post photos of their accomplishments (big and small!) to be celebrated and win prizes.
  • MONTHLY: Each month has it's own theme or focus to help you go deeper with decluttering.

  • LIVE WORKSHOPS: Regular live guided decluttering sessions and workshops. 

  • LIVE WORK SESSIONS: We work together (or "body double") to provide extra motivation and accountability.
  • REGULAR COMMUNICATION: Weekly highlight emails so you know that you didn’t miss anything important.

And it's important to know that in this group, you're never behind! The group is circular in nature, we do a steady rotation of decluttering all of the main areas in your home.

If you get off, you never have to worry about going back and catching up, you just jump in right where we're at! *Cancel anytime

JOIN NOW - $15/Month


  • CAMPS: Camps consist of 6+ hours of guided instruction and body doubling over two weekends. Camps are an additional fee, this is the ONLY thing that costs extra in the group.

Find the full details and schedule for the Digital Photo Camp HERE. You can join at any time.

If you'd like to join both the Mentorship Group ($15/month) and Digital Photo Camp (One time fee of $24) you can use this button:


Some of our recent &upcoming work sessions:

In addition to our daily video support, we also like to spend more in depth time talking about specific categories of things. All are available live and as replays.

Storage Space Solutions

Don't be intimidated by your storage spaces! We have tactics to help you get through all of the items quickly, while adding in some organization, too!

New Member Orientation

Dawn will give a tour around the Facebook group and talk about what you can expect, how to best use the group and discuss upcoming events!

Minimalism for Working Moms

Minimalism is ideal for all moms, but especially those who work part-time or full-time, inside of the home or out. I'll share my best tips!

Keep the Memories, Lose...

the Stuff Book Club. This book is an awesome resource for simplifying sentimental items. We learn how to tell & save the stories of each item.

Digital Photo Camp

Not all things can be completed in an hour or two! Over the course of several days, we'll help you sort, organize & simplify your digitall photos!

Memory Box Work Time

Memory boxes are such an important tool when we're decluttering. I'll help you determine what goes inside & what we should let go of.


Digital Photos Camp!

We'll spend 6 hours together over the course of two weekends to provide the extended guidance and support you need to tackle and complete a project like Digital Photos.

Here is what you can expect from the camp:

  • 6+ Hours of instruction & "body doubling" work sessions
  • Specific tactics & instructions for simplifying & archiving digital photos
  • A forum to ask questions specific to your process
  • On-demand access to the class replays after the camp is complete
  • Community support, motivation and accountability

COST: $24.00 (must also be a current member of the Minimal Mom Mentorship Group)

*Note: This camp ONLY covers digital photos. There is a separate Physical Photo Camp you can still purchase for replay access HERE.

Get more details about Photo Camp!

The Motivation & Accountability to reach your decluttering goals!

Now is the time to simplify your home. Enjoy peace, increased confidence, and more joy in your home. You can do it, we can help! 


What a Sample Daily Video Looks Like!

(Again, this all takes place in a private Facebook group that you’ll gain access to when you join. Not on Facebook? See the FAQ below!)


Who? This is best suited for…


Ok, you don’t have to be messy, but if no other “program” has worked for you, I think we could be friends :)–


Naturally organized people tend to get very frustrated when they can't keep their homes tidy because clutter has overwhelmed their systems. We've got you covered!


Those currently going through the decluttering process looking for support & community from like-minded friends


We SEE you! We know that we don't all live in perfect worlds with unlimited time and energy to declutter. All goals and challenges take into consideration varying physical abilities and responsibilities - you'll feel well supported no matter where you are at!


Those who have gone through the process and would like to share what they’ve learned by supporting & encouraging others.



This is an ongoing monthly membership for $15/month (cancel anytime). We continually do different games, challenges, book studies & areas of focus to keep momentum going & get a TON done!

PLUS, with the support of this INCREDIBLE community behind you, we know you’ll be successful — even if you’ve failed at simplifying and decluttering in the past! I truly can’t say enough good things about this kind and encouraging group. If you need someone to cheer you on and provide support, we’re here for YOU!

Feel free to join and take a look around. If you like it, keep it. If not, cancel anytime - no hard feelings! ;)



"I have four girls and two girls will be staying here with us and the other two will be at our house during the weekend.  And for the FIRST TIME EVER, we will have the girls here and I am not in a tailspin trying to get everything ready and our house clean for them!   This is HUGE for me and I have you to thank for it!  It is a freedom that I have never experienced before.  And I know it is only the beginning of wonderful experiences to come!" 


"I was so rigid and full of shame and regret that I could not move forward. I was stuck in anger, stuck in clutter and mess, stuck feeling like every decision was so serious and detrimental to my future and I could not make progress because I wanted to be perfect and anything less than perfect was failure. And you, Dawn, helped me lighten up, your light and joyful attitudes about letting stuff go. I’m still on the journey (aren’t we all? :)"



Need extra support & accountability? The Summer Decluttering Games are the perfect opportunity to find support & encouragement!


The #1 reason people join this group is for MOTIVATION! We know how to inspire & encourage massive change!



In the membership group, we also enjoy sharing "behind the scenes" of the Minimal Mom household. We talk about the projects that we have going on and share more about parenting, budgeting and time management.

I'm also happy to answer your questions and love cheering you on- I enjoy this group SO much!

- Dawn

More questions?


Other questions?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll respond promptly!

Thank you and I can’t wait to get to know you better in the group!

- Dawn

What’s next after you join?

You’ll be redirected to a welcome page with a link to the Facebook group where you can request access using the passphrase that you'll receive in an email when you register. (Again, you’ll have to complete the paid membership registration to receive access and to see the posts in the group.)