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Here are a few notes about the common requests that we receive:

Decluttering Advice


Unfortunately, we’re not able to answer personal decluttering questions here, but for interactive decluttering support, join the Minimal Mom Mentorship Facebook Group and we’d love to get to know you and support you there!

Blog Contributions, Ads, Sponsorships & Promotions

At this time we’re happy with our exclusive ad provider and are not accepting guest contributions or sponsored posts — but thank you for thinking of us!

YouTube Sponsorships


We’ve decided that we will no longer do product promotion on our YouTube channel. We want to promote minimalism and not acquiring new stuff!

Speaking Engagements


I would love to travel around and speak everywhere that I possibly could. I love sharing this message! But with the current season we’re in, we aren’t able to do many of these and only select one or two per year, so it truly isn’t personal if we can’t attend your event right now!