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I want to thank you for all your videos, I am on the minimalist journey myself with three young children and it has truly changed my life as well. Find me at my startup blog: It is such a pleasure to watch another mommy minimalize and your content is inspiring.


I liked the white totes you used for your laundry. Where did you find them? They seem lightweight and not so cumbersome to move from room to room.


I watched the video where you do 1 load of laundry every day. We have 3 kids, 4th on the way, I also do 1 load of laundry every day. I was curious, do you sort your clothes lights and darks, or just mix them all in and do at once?

Chris Earhart


Hi there! I’ve been purging a lot lately and came across your youtube channel. I’m loving your videos and so inspired to get rid of all my paperwork! I’m curious what you do for photos…especially ones of your kids. Thanks!!


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I Found your video on Youtube about meal Planning. I am wondering if you would share your recipes you used in your meal section?


I just found your videos and I LOVE them. The way you approach everything is so normal and great! Really inspiring, thanks so much for all the great content.

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