Hi there,

First: I’m humbled that you are here and so glad to get to “meet you.”

Second: My family lives with a lot less stuff than most, but let me start out by saying this:

STUFF ISN’T BAD…it’s not bad at all…and the great thing is that you get to decide what is the right amount of stuff for you.

For our family of six, less has turned out to be so much more. And although we live a pretty minimalistic lifestyle, I’m not a hippie or vegetarian, and I don’t care much about “going green” (again, none of which are bad)…I’m just saying, I’m not motivated by saving the planet, I’m motivated by saving my sanity. So at the end of the day, we may have more in common than you think: I’m just a typical suburban mom ;)





With four kids age 5 and under I just got tired of stuff…it was everywhere ALL of the time…things I didn’t even know we had, strewn across the living room floor…all I did was pick up.

Office-before-pic\\ THE TURNING POINT \\

My office had looked like this for a week and I just wanted to throw everything away. I didn’t want to clean it, organize it or deal with any of it anymore.

I kept thinking: “all I want is a consistently clean house…and I’m trying so hard”…but it was like shoveling snow in a snowstorm.

Then I listened to this podcast by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist and all I could think was:


He talked about living with less and how if we aren’t careful we become “stuff managers”…and how it eats away at our time, zaps our energy, causes stress and just makes our life and our home chaotic.

So I got started clearing out the clutter and haven’t looked back.

Again, WELCOME and I’m so glad you are here! If you are ready to make a change, lets journey together (its better that way!), we’ll figure this out as we go and have some fun, too!

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Let’s keep in touch!

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Do you happen to have family that always buys your children lots and lots and LOTS of things? If so, how do you deal with this? I self proclaim minimalism and I think my home life proves it but toys and junk bought for the kids is in a constant stream from family. Sigh.


Yes (yes, and yes)…I do…and it often goes against everything I value…I’ve tried to make suggestions and to tactfully recommend other things, but it hasn’t seemed to stick or hasn’t been received how I intended…in the end, I’ve pretty much decided that this is a relatively short season of having little kids and being inundated with things, here are two things I’ve written about it: http://www.theminimalmom.com/spoiled-kids/ and http://www.theminimalmom.com/what-to-get-our-kids/ …and I’d always love to hear if you’ve found any new ways to approach it in the future :)


How long did it take you to clear everything out that you no longer wanted? I am right in the middle, and it can feel hard to see an end in sight. Was there a time when you realized that you had accomplished what you set out to do? Also, did you give away, sell or donate most of your stuff? Thanks:)


Hi Laura! It took about a year for me, I used to think that it took that long because we have little kids and I didn’t have long stretches of uninterrupted time to work on it, but looking back, I think that I needed the time to let my brain decide that I really, truly did not need the things anymore. So, while I did go room by room, I’d often go back to a room a month or two later and get rid of even more, so it ended up being more like a few sweeps through the house, getting rid of more and more each time. And for us, I donated everything. We could have had a garage sale, but I just wasn’t sure that it was worth the effort, plus, I didn’t want to have stuff piled in the garage while we were waiting to have enough for a sale, it was gratifying for me to take a load to Goodwill every couple of weeks. And there were many, many times throughout the process that I would open a closet that hadn’t been cleared yet or the house would be a disaster at the end of the day or one of the kids would have a birthday and acquire hoards of new things and I would feel like I had gotten absolutely nowhere, but then we hosted Thanksgiving a couple of years back and I realized that it didn’t take long at all to clean for our out of town guests and my sister-in-law asked how we keep our house so neat with four kids and I realized that I had just been too close to it for too long and I really had made progress. So, my encouragement would be to realize the value in the journey, it’s allowing your brain to get used to letting go and living with less and I trust it won’t be long until someone will be asking you how you keep your home so neat :)


Great to find a blog of minimalism with a family. I am a missionary and moved from one country to another and realized I’d only survive the move if I not only downsized due to logistics but also made a mental swap and embraced minimalism to save my sanity. My biggest problem is that we host A LOT. We are also the people that everyone stops by to ask “can I borrow this or that.” Also overseas the stores don’t consistently carry the same products so I tend to stockpile things if I find them. And on a limited income if someone donates something I tend to say yes even if I don’t need it at the moment because it might come handy later. I have found clutter creeping back in (after moving my family of 5 in 12 suitcases) to now having a little bit of everything. I wondered how you deal with “maintaining” minimalism after the initial purge :)


Do you ever do speaking engagements? Specifically wondering about having you speak at our MOPs (Moms of Preschoolers) group in Mounds View, MN (suburb of Mpls). I am a mentor for this group and a recent follower of your channel. I think you have so much wisdom to share. Let me know if this might be a possibility.


Hi, I love your videos and posts! Thanks for all the great content :)
I was wondering where are your couches and coffee table from?


Hi Dawn I live in the twin cities area too and have come by minimalism naturally since I was a child. I have three boys under six and our fourth a little girl is on the way in March so I’m in a very similar boat as you and I wasn’t sure if you knew about the Minneapolis Toy Library? It’s been essential to keeping our boys entertained especially in the winter they have inside toys outside toys educational stuff games puzzles costumes you name it, it’s a huge huge resource! They’re on Facebook and open every other week Monday Wednesday Saturday. let me know if you want any more information from a lender’s perspective we’ve been members since March 2017.


We are empty-nesters, so now family is just the two of us with the very needy, beloved kitty. The boys don’t come over often, and I know we have sufficient for them when they do come over.
I have health issues, and cleaning tidying is truly an issue! But one I want to find a way to tackle. It will take time, but it will be accomplished. I learned from my mom and grandmother to keep everything, because someday you’ll need it, and it’s reinforced by the fact that when I do get rid of something I often wish I’d kept it.
OK, that’s the background, here’s one of the big issues.
I have many things from relatives who have died — hand made doilies and all those furniture dust covers which have a name, but I can’t think of now. While I treasure the knowledge that I have them, I don’t use them because they’d get mussed and — well used up. Also, they’re not really our style (perhaps mine, but definitely NOT my husband’s *winkie*).
What do I do with these treasures? Sometimes I drag them out of the old chest they live in, and then they hang out until I just need to put them away again. But I can’t part with them.
My boys won’t want them. Perhaps when they marry their wives might, but perhaps not.
Help please.


Hi, Dawn, two questions :
1. Can you share your family chore list?
2. Can you share your family menu list? (you said you have 30-40 options?)



I’m overwhelmed. We have 3 boys still at home (5 older and married). They collect everything! One is the “gadget KING”! They want to DO everything, so they hunt, trap, bike, survivalists, ranch hands, make maple syrup, camp, church,… oh, my! I know I didn’t even skim the top of the list. And to top it off, we homeschool. MY biggest challenge is to minimize school projects and books! We have paper, glue, paint, markers, etc., everywhere. They are in the school room, craft area, office area, kitchen. :( Oh! AND we have 19 grandchildren, so I keep everything we might need for when they come over. I want to get a dumpster and empty my house so I can just PLAY with the kids. I do find myself avoiding having them over to USE what I have, because I get such anxiety with everything a mess. Do you have a specific video to help someone like me get started? I feel like a special case… a lost cause.

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