Need Help Sorting & Organizing Digital Photos?

Learn the strategies to process photos quickly & store them safely.

Did you know that 12.4 trillion photos have been taken throughout history?

And most of us don't have a good plan for knowing what to keep and what to let go!

If photos cause stress in your life,

You need a game plan.

Learn the formula to managing digital photos with ease:

  • Set up your digital photo sorting space for success
  • Know what tools you need to get started
  • Understand which photos should be kept and which should go
  • Simplify your photos so that they're easy to revisit and enjoy
  • Create a maintenance plan

Yes, it really is possible!

No matter how many photos you have, this proven system will help you get organized and alleviate the stress you've been carrying.

Camp Cost: One-Time Fee of $24

*Note: Photo Camp is only available to members of The Minimal Mom Mentorship Group. The camp is stored in a course style format so you can revisit it at anytime.

Join the Mentorship Group + Photo Camp

Over the 3-day camp you will…

  • Finally have your digital photos sorted
  • Have a plan for how you'll share your photos
  • Enjoy the process by being part of a group going through the same tasks

With the help of your camp host, a clear game plan and the support of the other members, you'll achieve your goals faster and with more ease than trying to do it on your own.


Your Camp Hostess

Andie Meidell​

Hi, I’m Andie! I’m a mom of 2 kids living in Indiana. I have my degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and currently work as a Design Engineer in Aerospace. I grew up in Colorado with a grandfather that had a love of photography - so much so he had a darkroom in his basement. 

After college, I wanted to get better at digital photography because I knew I wanted the skill when I had kids. I ended up with tens of thousands of digital photos across multiple platforms. When I joined The Minimal Mom Mentorship Group, one of my first projects was taking off files from my old hard drives (great for physical decluttering but it brought new challenges of digital clutter).

I wanted to create a space for us to learn the basic tools of digital organizing and combine it with our MMM techniques. Your memories are important -- but so is your sanity! Together we’ll set goals, create a photo hub, work at downsizing, and work towards maintenance mode.

Join the Mentorship Group + Photo Camp

What's Included in the Photo Camp


Setting Yourself up for Success

We want you to be wildly successful during the photo camp! You'll receive a pre-camp checklist to help you:

  • Set up your digital photo sorting space
  • Have the supplies that you'll need
  • Identifying the photos that you'll be processing
  • Select a strategy for backing up your photos

You’ll start the camp from a position of strength and with the ability to maximize our time together.

SATURDAY, March 9th

Creating Your Personal Game Plan

All camp sessions will take place over a private Zoom link (all times are in CST, each session is 60 minutes long):

  • 9:00am Kick-Off Event Dawn & Andie
  • 10:00am Body Doubling & Setting Goals/Listing Sources Andie
  • 3:00pm Body Doubling, Q&A, Progress Check-In (With Breakout Rooms) Dawn & Andie
  • 10:00pm Bonus Body Doubling Andie 

"Body Doubling" simply means working together. This is a powerful tactic to maximize and accelerate your productivity!

SUNDAY, March 10th

Sorting & Organizing

This second day of camp is all about support and accountability (each session is 60 minutes long):

  • 9:00am Road Blocks and How to Overcome Andie
  • 3:00pm Q&A, Ideas, & Experiences Andie

By having specific times to check in, you'll feel motivated and be held accountable! You'll also be able to ask questions specific to your process.

SATURDAY, March 16th

Photo Finale

The photo finale session is a time to celebrate your progress and ask any final questions that you may have:

  • 9:00am Progress Check-in, Wins, Pivots, & Memories Dawn & Andie
  • We'll celebrate the progress that you've made
  • Create a game plan for next steps

You’ll finish this camp with tons of progress made and a clear game plan to finish any final pieces.

Join the Mentorship Group + Photo Camp

This Camp is For You If...

  • You are overwhelmed by digital photos
  • You volunteered to be the "Family Historian"
  • You're worried that your photos could get accidentally deleted
This camp is custom fit to you...

What is your photo goal?


You get to decide what your ultimate goal is with your photos:

Do you want to sort your photos and put them into digital albums?

Think about how you want to tell your digital stories.

Are you planning on printing, creating slideshows, etc.?

Do you want to share your family photos amongst your grown children or other family members?

No matter what your goal, we'll help you get there!

Save your spot today!

Exclusively available to Minimal Mom Mentorship Group members

Digital Photo Camp is available exclusively to members of our Minimal Mom Mentorship Group ($15/month subscription).

Digital Photo Camp is an additional one-time fee of $24. This includes lifetime access to the camp in a course format.

Join the Mentorship Group + Photo Camp

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our Mentorship Group or Digital Photo Camp, let us know by March 30, 2024 for a full refund.
No questions asked. Email [email protected]

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