**Note: Chicken is currently on sale for $1.69/lb., this generally happens once or twice per year, but if you are interested, you may need to order soon, it can sell out!**

Our littlest guy has been sick since Thursday night. You know the kind where every hour you’re debating if you should take him in or not?

No, he’s getting better…oh good, he’s sitting on the floor playing…now he’s back in my lap…oh good, he wants to eat again…nope, it just came back up.

I ask my husband “do you think I should take him in?”

He stares at me blankly. I know he has no better idea than I do, but I don’t want to be the only one responsible for the decision!

I did end up taking him in and he is finally starting to feel better (this is where I now vow that we are going to eat healthy all winter, get plenty of sleep, and shower each kid in Theives before they leave the house so that we don’t have any more sick kids this winter…the resolution lasts approximately three hours ;)

But with a sick baby attached to my shoulder the past five days, it reminded me of how GRATEFUL I am to have chicken in the freezer already prepped for quick meals. I was able to make chicken teriyaki, cheesy chicken spaghetti and BBQ chicken sandwiches with hardly any effort.

The catch of course is that you receive the chicken in a 40lb. box that you need to divide yourself, but I share more about how I prepare it for quick meals below.

We began purchasing wholesale chicken from Zaycon Foods a couple of years ago and could not be more PLEASED. The quality is far above anything you will buy in the grocery store. And while it isn’t organic, it isn’t injected with the “plumpers” that commercial chicken is.

It runs about $1.89 a pound is available for pick-up at locations across the United States.

We've been purchasing wholesale chicken from Zaycon for a couple of years now and have saved a TON of time & money (and you can, too!)

How it Works:

  1. Place your order online (the chicken comes fresh- 40lbs. of breasts per box)
  2. Go to the pick-up location to get it (usually a church parking lot)
  3. Bring home and package the meat to freeze


How I divide up one box:

10 Pounds: Trimmed chicken breasts divided into five quart size freezer bags(2 lbs. each)
9 Pounds: Diced chicken in foil pans (1.5 lbs. each)
6 Pounds: Sliced chicken for chicken fajitas
15 Pounds: Cooked, shredded chicken in gallon size freezer bags (roughly 2 lbs. each)

Total: 40 pounds

Time Investment:

I can prepare all of the above in about two hours. I bake the chicken that gets shredded while I’m bagging the raw chicken, so it all goes pretty quickly. Often I get two boxes (or 80lbs.) at a time, when I do that I recruit my husband or sister to help :)




While I always LOVE saving money, I always weigh the cost. For me, there is hardly any cost to this deal. It can be slightly inconvenient to trim and package 40 lbs. of meat at one, for me the time investment is worth it to have meat already prepped and ready to use in recipes :)

I recently wrote in more detail about how I prepare and package the chicken over at I Think We Could Be Friends, you can find that HERE. By far my favorite way to use it is to cook it and shred it (I use my stand mixer to shred it, so it hardly takes any time at all!). You can find tips for that, and our favorite chicken recipes, over there as well.

We’ve also recently started purchasing their ground beef. It is cheaper then the grocery store (by far- even bigger savings than the chicken) and is GREAT quality.

Also, please note that this post contains an affiliate link…I receive credit with Zaycon Foods if you link through our site and orderand that is greatly appreciated! But, what’s so great about Zaycon is that YOU can refer others and save as well, once you create your account they make it VERY easy to share your link on Facebook or through email so you can earn referral credits, as well (just by sharing the link on my personal Facebook page I received $40 in credits. Plus, you don’t just earn a credit the first time someone orders, but EVERY time…that is VERY cool!)  Click HERE to get started!

Oh, and the chicken works great for chicken noodle soup, too, if you have any sick kiddos at home ;)

Have you tried Zaycon before? Or do you have any other tips for saving money on meat? Please share below!


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I love this idea! I don’t have a very large freezer though. How much room does 40 lbs take up for you prepped in that way?


Hi Jennie, that is a really good question! We didn’t always have a deep freeze and I could fit it all in our fridge freezer pretty easily…it probably took up about half of it. I also literally just received an email that chicken is on sale now for $1.69/lb. (they do this once or twice per year :) Depending on your area, it can sell out quickly, I’ve missed sales in the past because I waited too long :(

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