The number one thing that I get asked about is KIDS TOYS! So if you feel overwhelmed by them, you definitely aren’t alone!

I made a quick video about:

  1. A trick to simplify ALL of your toys in 20 minutes
  2. Which toys we’ve kept that promote independent play (this is AWESOME!)
  3. Some really unexpected benefits of simplifying toys in our house

It truly has made a HUGE difference in how well the kids play since we simplified their toys, so be encouraged, it is worth it!!

I’d love to know if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below! And I’d love to hear about your experience with simplifying toys, too and which ones keep your kids occupied the best!

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Do your kids have any stuffed animals? Are those considered a separate category from “Toys”? Or have you just gotten rid of them all? That is also a popular gift that my kids have gotten over the years…


Great video! Do you keeps board games, craft items?


Hello! I just started to watch your videos on YouTube and they are so relatable for me! I am looking to declutter and pair down toys and love your toy storage option from ikea. Were you able to find that unit in black or did you paint it? Thanks!

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