Christmas is already in the air! Well, at stores at least.

Our youngest celebrated his first birthday this past October and received a gift that I needed to exchange at Kohl’s. So I told my husband “just drop me off by the door and I’ll run in quick!”…but it was not very quick…

I took my best guess at which corner the return counter was at and was dead wrong. So I walked three quarters of the way around the store to see a long line. On my hike I couldn’t help but notice all of the Christmas decorations and the lines at the check outs.

I stood in line and finally made my way up to the counter. As I was being helped I heard a gal say to another “MAM! The line is over here, we’ve all been waiting, you can’t just go ahead!”

I felt for the poor woman because the line had been poorly marked and I had flashbacks to past years of Christmas shopping when lines are long and tempers are short. And all I could think was “get me out of here, I want nothing to do with Christmas shopping this year! Plus, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!!!”

It turns out that shopping for teachers is actually quick and easy, here are teacher Christmas gift ideas that they actually want!

So, long story short, it reinforced my desire to SIMPLIFY CHRISTMAS this year by:

  1. Opting out of any gift exchange that we possibly can
  2. Giving more gift cards
  3. Getting teachers crossed off of my list–here’s how:

What Teachers really want for Christmas:

By far our most popular post every Christmas over at I Think We Could Be Friends is “Top 10 Teacher Christmas Gifts (written by a TEACHER!)

In it, Beth, a middle school teacher and mom shares what teachers really want for Christmas. It is a fun read if you have a minute, but topping the list are gift cards followed by anything “practical or consumable.”

Practical or consumable teacher Christmas gift ideas include:

  1. Fancy markers/Colored Sharpies
  2. Post-it Notes
  3. Blank Note Cards
  4. Double Sided Tape & Stickers (Remember, we’re school geeks that get excited when school supplies come out in the summer.)
  5. Fun smelling hand soap or hand sanitizer
  6. Fuzzy or fun socks
  7. If your child’s teacher/school has iPads: iTunes gift card
  8. Amazon or other bookstore gift card
  9. Candy or some other type of treat (if you don’t know… go with chocolate! Often it is chocolate or caffeine that get us through the day!)
  10. Get the teacher his/her favorite beverage (that won’t get your kid sent to the principal’s office) 

Trust me, I definitely understand wanting to get our children’s teachers something thoughtful. I’m convinced my daughter’s kindergarten teacher is an angel sent from above and I would love to give her a million dollars…but that won’t be possible this year. So instead, I’m going to get her a gift card to a restaurant in town with a note (And the best part is that I am supporting a local business and don’t have to go into Kohl’s to get it!).

AND, if a gift isn’t in the budget this year, THAT IS OK, too! Beth says a card of appreciation (especially one written by the student) goes just as far.

Do you have a gift that you usually give the teachers in your life? Please share below! :)



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