I was taken aback when I read this comment on my latest video about our school morning routines:

“I’m a child, but I’d really like my mom to see this video because of tip #1.”

Tip #1 talks about how the biggest change I needed to make in our morning routine was adjusting my attitude to be more helpful to my kids and be in a good mood in the mornings.

But I know how it goes! There is SO much that goes on during a school morning, thinking about being in a good mood for the sake of my children was never at the top of the list!

If you’d like to hear more, as well as the rest of our routine, you can see that here:

Back to School Morning Routine

We also took a couple of hours to set up our “Drop Zone” for back to school, you can see more about that here:

Setting up our "Drop Zone" for Back to School!

We also shared a few tips for saving money on back to school, you can find those here!:

Money Saving Tips for Back to School!

We hope that your transition back to school goes SMOOTHLY!!

Best wishes friend!

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