I was taken aback when I read this comment on my latest video about our school morning routines:

“I’m a child, but I’d really like my mom to see this video because of tip #1.”

Tip #1 talks about how the biggest change I needed to make in our morning routine was adjusting my attitude to be more helpful to my kids and be in a good mood in the mornings.

But I know how it goes! There is SO much that goes on during a school morning, thinking about being in a good mood for the sake of my children was never at the top of the list!

If you’d like to hear more, as well as the rest of our routine, you can see that here:

Back to School Morning Routine

We also took a couple of hours to set up our “Drop Zone” for back to school, you can see more about that here:

Setting up our "Drop Zone" for Back to School!

We also shared a few tips for saving money on back to school, you can find those here!:

Money Saving Tips for Back to School!

We hope that your transition back to school goes SMOOTHLY!!

Best wishes friend!



Hi Dawn,

I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you personally for making this Christmas my best one ever. That sounds crazy as you don’t even know me but I feel like I know you very well. I was introduced to your videos via Facebook (I think the page The Minimalist Life) back in October. Since then I have followed your videos and further reduced my kitchen, kids clothes and toys and home in general. It has been a great journey and I am amazed at how much better I feel. You did that for me.

I have never been a big fan of stuff and consumerism but things were gathering up. Needless to say it has been a great journey and the effect it had on Christmas was amazing, I didn’t have my cupboards and fridge rammed with food and cooking and clearing up was so much easier with a clutter free kitchen. Instead I got to enjoy my kids (we also reduced their gifts, a great plan) and have some relaxation time. Fantastic.

Oh and just so you know, I’m watching from Germany and am a Mama of two boys age 2.5 and 5. I’m looking forward to tuning in in 2019 as my journey continues.

All the best for the holidays


You totally speak my language!! However, I’m overwhelmed thinking about making all the changes you share. It will happen, I’m just terrible about implementing changes, even though I know they will be great changes


That’s an amazing idea.


At 59 with no children but an equally pakrat husband my task to clean out 30 years of collecting was daunting. I’ve looked at it for 6 months! I came across your you tube video for cleaning your closet and bells rang! I can actually do this! I have a ‘started’ closet that has been started for a month because I didn’t know how to proceed and everyone else’s advice wasn’t working for me. Thank you!!!!! I don’t instagram but I do FB and love this!!!
Sincerely, Annette S


I like your content and videos, but it distracts me that you always seem to be looking at the top of the screen instead of looking at me, the viewer. Trying to be helpful, not critical.


Hi Dawn, I really appreciate all of your content. We are working toward a minimal household, slowly but surely. Thanks for all you do! Watching your videos has been very encouraging & inspirational. It makes me think I can do this!!!
PS-agree with the above comment on looking up during videos..minor detail, just fyi


I love your ideas and positive influence! You have helped me in so many ways! You and Tom are so fun and are doing such a great job!

I may have just missed it but am wondering if you’ve ever posted your favorite Breakfast Muffin recipe?

Thanks and Happy Easter!


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