When I first started simplifying my home, I’d look at an item and think:

“Should I keep this or not?”

And then I’d have to think about it…I sometimes use it or so and so gave it to me or the WORST ever “I may need it someday.”

When you're simplifying your house "Should I keep this???" Is NOT the question to ask yourself, here's why...

I mean after all, I wouldn’t have kept all of this stuff in my house if I didn’t have a reason.

So I quickly realized that “should I keep this?” was not at all the right question to be asking myself. The real question is:

“Why am I keeping this???”

And is keeping this conducive with having a stress free home?

OR, am I keeping this because:

I might need it some day
I spent money on it and if I don’t use it that will be wasteful and I’ll feel guilty
I plan on fixing it
It was given to me from someone I care about and I feel obligated to keep it

It is amazing how many items made the cut because of these reasons. But as I went back through closets and cabinets and drawers a second time (and third), I realized I had to get tougher.

I just couldn’t keep it all and reach my goal.

So I began to really ask myself: Why am I keeping this?

And I’d think about it…and if I was still having a hard time deciding, I’d try asking myself one of these questions:

Have I used it in the last year?
If my husband suddenly got a job offer and we had to move to a small apartment in Europe, would we bring this with or pay to store it while we’re gone?
When I imagine getting rid of this do I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders?
Can I live without it?

Well I didn’t get it right every time, and there were some difficult decisions…but it does get easier.

And once you begin to experience a less stressful home, a home that is easier to keep clean and that you are excited to invite guests into, it makes it ALL worth it.



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I am so motivated to tackle (actually re-tackle) some storage areas that seem so congested! This next weekend I am home… Let the games begin! Thanks for the motivation!


The reason of decluttering is for you to check all of your stuff. You can purge before organizing everything. Put on a separate piles each of the stuff that is needed to be donated, sell, keep and all the things that is already junk. this way it would be a lot more easier for you to arrange your thngs.


purge before ypu organize your stuff.


Great point Ryan! :)

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