Welcome to my office. As I’ve shared before, one of the driving forces behind living a more minimalistic lifestyle was to be able to have more time to do free lance and pro bono graphic design.


I spend at least a few hours in my office each day and wanted it to be a place that was distraction free and kid friendly.

We created the desk for the kids by cutting a table in half and mounting it to the wall. And the pictures on the shelves make me smile :) The basket holds paper and crayons for the girls.






We put the other half of the table in the closet to hold my printer and sewing machine.


And I had learned a time management tip that has always stuck with me: keep your desk clear except for what you are currently working on and don’t store stuff on your desk. The file holder behind my desk allows me to do just this (from Ikea…in fact my desk, chair, the shelves and kid’s chairs, all from Ikea :).



And, it is true, I will work for coffee…



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Hello, I’m really interested in making my home more minimalist. I’m curious to know what you do with like holiday decorations or luggage for traveling? Do you have a storage shed at all? Thank you!


GREAT question. We have shelving built in the garage. I try to store everything in large plastic totes. I have one for each of the kids with clothes to grow into, one with Christmas decorations, one with Holiday & Easter decorations (combined) and then our Christmas tree. We borrow luggage from my parents or sister when we travel (its fairly infrequent) and our kids aren’t quite old enough where we’ve started acquiring camping gear or other larger recreational items. But, we’ve pretty much decided, if it fits comfortably in our home/garage we’ll consider keeping/storing it, but if not then either something else has to go or we’ll just continue to borrow or rent it when we need it. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS EASY! But we’re getting better and better at it :)


Wow. I absolutely need to get rid of so much stuff. Your house is gorgeous.


lots of ideas! I love this! Thanks!


Your home evokes so much creativity and positivity! I love what you have done! My favorite things are the art, especially on your daughters’s room. I have. Family of six as well and I’m totally inspired!


Wow Dawn,
Love looking over your home photos for inspiration! Family of 6 here too and so good to see how minimalism can work for families! You inspire me, thank you for your videos, they have helped me begin my simplifying journey! Great work, God bless, Jasmine


Loved your Minimalistic home.Hope i can achieve this too..

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