I’m guessing when it comes to making and keeping New Year’s resolutions, we’re in the same boat: we’ve failed at more than we’ve achieved…and at the moment, I can’t actually think of any that I’ve actually kept…for more than one week.

And most often I would say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So let’s not set ourselves up for failure yet again and just skip over this silly resolution tradition.

Except for this: If you’re also like me, there are things in your life that need to change, and if not now, then when?

I believe that we all need to get to a point where we say enough is enough, New Year’s eve or the Fourth of July, I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANY LONGER.

And if you’ve reached that point, I think there are actually three resolutions that are worth making, and that don’t have to be impossible to keep…if you have a plan!

3 New Year’s Resolutions worth making this year:

1. Simplifying your home: For 90% of us, I would recommend this being your resolution. Our house is our home base for everything that we do. When our house is in order we feel more in control of our lives. In fact, you may even find that the next two goals about finances and weight begin to manage themselves once your house is in order.

Looking for a place to start?:  The Very First Step (and MOST important!) When Simplifying Your Home

2. Getting your finances in order: I know that this can feel daunting. My husband and I made a royal mess of our finances when we were first married. Student loans, credit cards, hospital bills, vehicle payments, a small business loan, and mortgage…we had it all, so I know how stressful it can be to have debt hanging over your head. But, once we got started with a plan and began to work the plan, it took significantly less time to pay off our debt than I ever would have imagined. The best thing you can do? Get a plan and GET STARTED! :)

A good place to start with a financial goal: Finances- Why Your $5 Latte isn’t the Problem

3. Working towards a healthier lifestyle: At the end of the day, our health and our friends and family are the only real things that matter, and if we don’t feel well, sleep well or lack energy, it is often more difficult to enjoy the things that we do have. A healthier lifestyle is always a worthwhile pursuit. But similar to finances, it can be difficult. My best advice in this area: Don’t try to change everything at once. Start moving more, or gradually begin to improve your diet.

Here is some of my best advice as a former personal trainer: Don’t get a Gym Membership, get THIS instead!


So let’s all make this resolve together: Past resolution failures are not going to hold us back. We know how quickly a year goes, and we won’t let 2018 slip by without coming out a little better…a little happier…a little less stressed…a little more in control…and maybe even a little lighter ;)

You can do it! Set a goal and then make a PLAN…don’t let a missed day or three stop you…be patient with yourself and make this the best year yet!

Blessings on your journey,

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Not all New Year's resolutions are created the same...make 2016 your best year yet with one of these 3 New Year's resolutions (each has a plan to go with it!)





Hi- i found your blog through Pinterest, i was looking for living room ideas.

I have always been a messy person- but i have also had this urge to throw everything away and start again! Obviously that isn’t quite a solution, but having a read through your blog- maybe having less may solve my untidiness.

I also am forever feeling that i spend most of my time telling my 4 year old- to stop touching or picking stuff up that he doesn’t need to touch… dust collectors as my mum calls them.

So thank you – my resolution (and i wasn’t going to have any!) is to adopt a more minimalistic approach!!

I am in the UK by the way!


It is really nice to hear from you Vicky! I know many people think our home is TOO bare, but truly, with little ones, it is really just helping to protect my own sanity ;) And trust me, I have often thought how much simpler this whole process would be if there were some magic “re-set” button somewhere that we could push that would automatically rid our homes of all of the things that have crept in that we don’t need. Wouldn’t that be nice?!? But it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor, blessings on your journey! :)

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