You know you are a mom when poop becomes a part of regular conversation :) The other day my single twin sister and I were with a group of moms. Afterward she said “Do you realize that you guys ALWAYS end up exchanging birth stories? Seriously, every time.”

I honestly hadn’t noticed.

Somehow when you enter this season hardly anything is too personal anymore. So, here we go, let’s talk about constipation in infants because I know it is a problem for a lot of moms, and I’m really glad to have an effective solution.

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

One of the worst parts of switching your baby to formula (besides the expense and mom guilt) is the inevitable constipation.

Originally, while still nursing, I had been researching probiotics to help treat our youngest’s general digestive discomfort. While doing so, I found numerous parents commenting about how the probiotics helped their babies become more regular almost immediately.

I filed this away and when we made the switch to formula, began giving our little guy the probiotic once a day consistently.

Eliminating Constipation

To date I’ve used two different infant probiotics. One is pictured below, purchased at our local natural food store and the other I bought through Amazon, it’s called FloraBaby.

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

Fortunately, both probiotics were effective for eliminating constipation, so it doesn’t seem to matter where you get it from.

How we use it:

I mix the recommended dosage into his first bottle of the day, it is a powder and mixes easily into the formula with room temperature water. I have also given it to him in the evenings, but switched to mornings so that in case I forget, I can always give it to him later in the day.

I have missed a day here and there, but it didn’t have any negative effects.

And while you should always check with your pediatrician before giving your baby anything new, all of my research has suggested that probiotics are completely safe for babies. The gal at the whole food store said that even if you give them too much, it will just pass through.

The results:

We have been using the formula and probiotic combination for two months now and he is our most regular baby yet, with absolutely no sign of constipation. He has a dirty diaper every morning like clock work and then sometimes one in the afternoon or evening as well.

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

This is such a relief because with our older son, keeping him regular was a constant battle. Almost daily we had to put pear or prune juice in his bottles and take other, less fun measures, too.

Here he is, he is two now and wanted to get in on the photoshoot (if it had audio you’d hear him saying “cheese!”)

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

Truly, I’m so glad to not have to worry about constipation anymore, it used to cause me ALOT of stress. And if you don’t have access to either brand that I mentioned, just ask for an “infant probiotic” at your local natural food store.

I also often get asked what formula I use. I use this organic brand from Earth’s Best:

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

Of course you don’t have to use organic formula. For me, all of the unknowns with GMO’s kind of freak me out, so this helps me sleep better at night (along with the Dr. Brown bottles, for whatever reason, spending $5 a bottle makes me feel like a better mom…great marketing on their part ;) )

Nine Month Update: There were a couple of times that I worried that he was starting to get a little constipated when we started increasing solid foods (be very aware of how much rice cereal or oatmeal you give) so I doubled the amount of probiotic (I gave him two bottles throughout the day with it instead of just one) and it did the trick. I also give him a squeezy pouch with natural applesauce (no added sugar in it) everyday– I just use the Aldi brand or Target store brand ones by the applesauce, the actual baby food ones are too expensive!

Here’s to poopy diapers!

(Oh, and if you’re ever in the area, we should get coffee and exchange birth stories ;) )


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A simple natural and effective solution for preventing constipation in formula fed babies (since doing this 2 months ago, we have had NO constipation in our baby!)



Thank you I love natural remedies, I must buy baby pro boticas. .. thank u thank u thank u!!! We should go for coffe.. ;)


Haha, that would be great! And thank you for sharing it on Facebook, a bunch of moms visited after you shared it :)


So trying this for my Baby!


I have a 10 week old, and after weeks of trying to breastfeed unsuccessfully, (and him crying from colic), we ended up with the Dr Brown’s bottles, and the same Earth’s Best formula. :D Will definitely give the probiotics a try for our little guy. Anything to help keep him regular is a must!


Oh that’s really funny! And I know it is a tough decision to decide to switch to formula, and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t believe how much stress it relieved when I finally made the decision and did it. I enjoyed the time with him SO much more :)


Good article but I would inform readers that they should not automatically choose a “sensitive” formula due to the first ingredient being glucose solids / corn syrup as opposed to milk. Many doctors are also not aware of this and are quick to suggest a switch at the first sign of gas. Palm oil also should be avoided if possible, luckily many labels are now dropping the ingredient. On that note, we use BioGaia probiotic drops!


I agree Marisa, after having two formula fed babies, I think we need to give them awhile (at least a week) to adjust to a formula before we resort to a sensitive type, I was horrified when I first read the ingredients, but it was the best for him when it came to staying down and being the most comfortable. Glad it was for a short season, now he eats everything in site :)


How much probiotics did you put in the bottle for infant? It says 2 and older to give 1 tsp


I did 1/2 of a teaspoon once per day. There were two or three times when he seemed like he was starting to get constipated so I did 1/2 teaspoon twice per day for a couple of days and it went it away. Hope this works well for you!


Hi. So I’m in this process of switching to formula due to cows protein allergy and colic. My poor little one has some major tummy troubles and it’s been quite a journey of doing what’s best for her and we now think that may be formula feeding. I was recommended this same probiotic while breastfeeding and now the formula we were recommended is Nutramigen which has a probiotic in it. Do u think it’s ok to add extra probiotic to the formula if we see signs of constipation. Her first stools while introducing it to her freaked me out! Yesterday she didn’t want to nurse or take a bottle her little tummy hurt so bad it was the worst day ever.


Hi Katie…oh goodness, I remember the stress of deciding whether or not to switch to formula and trying different formulas, I hope you figure out the best combination for her quickly! And yes, it should be ok to give her additional probiotics if need be. My understanding is that they just pass anything extra (of course I’m not a qualified to give medical advice, just a mom who’s been there! ;) So many times I’d remind myself “this too shall pass” when frustration would set in and feelings of helplessness- soon it will be a memory, keep going!


My little one was severely constipated and was pushing his body while trying to poop but nothing would like to come and looking at my miserable baby was making me sick. I tried lots of remedies and sometimes they work and the other time again same situation. Thank God, finally I found a remedy called Babies magic tea which settled my baby’s bowel movement and now he’s going for BM every day.

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