The goal with my wardrobe is simple: I want it to be thoughtless.

I want to walk to my closet in the morning and know within 15 seconds what I’m going to wear for the day.

With this said, I still want to look nice, respectable and for my clothes to look current.

What I don’t want:

  • anything that I don’t feel comfortable in or that is uncomfortable to wear
  • to have to try on multiple outfits in the morning
  • clothes that are high maintenance to launder (like hand wash or dry clean only)
  • to feel guilty about items I’ve purchased and never worn

Last summer I had three dressy tops and a handful of casual t-shirts and tank tops. I had two pairs of dress bottoms and a few pairs of shorts. Plus one denim dress:

It was AWESOME! They all fit well, so I always felt comfortable. If we had a showing come up last minute I threw on one of my three tops and a coordinating bottom and headed out the door.

I always knew where all of my clothes were. I never had to search through piles. And because this was it, I took extra good care of these clothes.

One day I asked my sister: “Have you noticed that I’ve worn these white capris the last three times that I’ve seen you?

Her response: SERIOUSLY??? I would have never guessed and I usually notice clothes.


I worked to achieve the same thing this fall, and had another wonderful experience.

And the best part? Even being back in the professional world now, I don’t think that a single person noticed my limited wardrobe.

It was easy and I felt good with what I was wearing.

So that is a little background into how I approach my wardrobe, and I realize now I may not have had fair expectations for Stitch Fix.

My hope was to find a few current pieces that fit well, were high quality so they could be worn frequently, and would launder well.

With my first “fix” the items mostly seemed of good quality, they just weren’t exactly what I was looking for.

Stitch Fix #2

I also received another fix in between these two, but unfortunately nothing fit so I decided not to take pictures of the individual pieces.

This fix was disappointing because I had asked for a pair of cropped dress pants and received pants that fit like leggings and were too long (and were $78, yikes). I’d also asked for a casual, knit blazer and this was a more formal lined one. And, I had said no sleeveless tops until spring or summer because I don’t like to layer, but received a sleeveless top and cardigan. I also expected a little more variety in style and color.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed and if I had not still had credit with them, I probably wouldn’t have scheduled another fix.

I contacted Stitch Fix after this and said that I didn’t feel that my stylist listened to my requests and they credited back my $20 styling fee, so I was grateful for that.

Fortunately, there was a little more variety in my third fix.

Here is what was in my most recent fix:

Maeby Knit Dress $58 

Hmmm…I really wanted to love this dress. I liked the pattern and colors but the knit material was fairly thin and I worried that it would stretch out quickly. It also didn’t really have any unique detail to it so I just couldn’t justify spending $58 on it.

My sister Diana also thought it looked a little big, God Bless Her!

Wendell Straight Leg Pant $78 & Lyndon Split Back Blouse $48

The top fit well but the pattern wasn’t me at all, I think it was a little over-powering. The pants were too big and too long. Their petite pants fit me well since I’m only 5’2″, but these weren’t petite and definitely needed to go back.

Thierry Scoop Neck Blouse $44

Now we’re talking! This is exactly what I was looking for and similar to several blouses on my Pinterest board. I felt comfortable paying $44 for this top because I imagine wearing it frequently this spring and summer. The quality also seemed good, I think it will wear well.

Marielle Knit Top $44

I like the colors and design of this top, it feels very current, but its hard for me to spend $44 on a knit top. The quality seemed good, but I just wasn’t sure how well it would wash up and if it would begin to looked faded over time so I sent it back.

You’ll also notice my spring jewelry, my hope was that the pendant necklace and bracelet would go with just about anything, and so far, it looks like they will.

Will I continue to use Stitch Fix?

I don’t think so. I thought I was to a point where I could spend $58 on a top or $78 on a pair of pants without flinching…but I’m not. The quality just wasn’t high enough for me to justify the cost, and I’m really only wanting to keep items that I love and there just weren’t enough of those pieces in the fixes.

But, what I did appreciate about this experience was that it caused me to be even more intentional about my wardrobe. Creating my Pinterest board and leaving feedback helped me to know exactly the pieces that I would like to find for my spring wardrobe.

Here’s to trying new things & SIMPLE wardrobes, they are the greatest!



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Dear Dawn, I’m way past you in age and raising children but I enjoy your blog. I’ve never liked excess but accepted and stored things that were given to me by family members. After our eighth move almost six years ago I decided “no more” and started purging my things and encouraging my husband and kids to do the same. I also simplified my wardrobe and found encouragement from an older lady whose thoughts on dressing are relevant for everyone. Her blog is called “Susan after Sixty.” You might find encouragement and inspiration in her posts. Keep up the good work!


Hi Tara! THANK YOU you for the kind words and for sharing a little of your story, I know it will encourage others :) and thank you for the blog recommendation, I always love finding new blogs to follow that share similar values :)


I love your Blog! I stumbled upon it recently and really enjoy your insight on parenting and minimalism. Excited to see more. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Lane and thank you for taking the time to comment, your feedback is very encouraging!!


Will you please give us information on the makeup and beauty products you use. You look great!

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