I get it.

My laundry system is slightly unconventional.

It was developed during what we lovingly refer to as the “survival years.” The time a couple years back when we had four kids ages five and under. It was pre-minimalism and the joys of raising young kids only slightly outweighed the stresses of being a stay at home mom.

And every time I walked past our laundry room I felt anxiety and guilt. I *KNOW* we had young kids and no one expected me to juggle EVERYTHING successfully. But in the back of my mind laundry seemed like a fairly simple task and it bugged me that I couldn’t stay on top of it.

So one day I decided enough was enough and took a hard look at exactly where the break downs were, and it was then that my laundry system was born.


     1) It works for all family sizes, one child or ten, its scalable ;)
     2) You don’t have to be a minimalist to make it work (but it might get you closer to it if thats your goal)
3) You can successfully implement the three simple steps in one Saturday morning

And know that you aren’t alone if you feel like laundry has become a monster in your house. I wrote about it in 2014 over at I Think We Could Be Friends.com and it is our 4th most popular post still and has been pinned over 100,000 times.

So, you definitely aren’t alone!

And because I’ve written in detail about it there and even made this video about it, too, I won’t go into it all here. I’ll just get to the part where my husband disgraced it.


In Tom’s defense, I knew from the beginning he wouldn’t be a big fan of this laundry system. The basis is storing unfolded clothes in bins and he can be a neat freak when it comes to his clothes.

BUT, desperate times call for desperate measures and after a couple weeks he conceded that the benefits (not having laundry ALL over the house and being able to find what he was looking for QUICKLY each morning) were worth it.

So, we used this system for three years without adaptation or regret. And then one day he decided that he’d like his under shirts and underwear folded again. And that the kids were getting “old enough” to help fold their clothes, too. (Note: with this system the kids had been putting their own clothes away for years, just not folding them.)

This revelation also coincided with me working on being a better wife and not questioning EVERYTHING he does and letting him lead change when he thought it necessary. So, I kept my comments to myself and respected his wishes to start folding laundry again.

He also offered to HELP with it (that was the only way I could consider it because I thought we were attempting to fix something that wasn’t BROKEN.) So he asked that I put the laundry on the couch (*cringe*) since I had long ago gotten rid of laundry baskets and that he would fold and put it away each day after work.


In all honesty, I did resent the fact that he thought I hadn’t put ALOT of thought into our current system or that it wasn’t “working.” At the time, you could walk around our entire house and ONLY find clothes in closets, dressers or the laundry room…all EXACTLY where they were supposed to be!

Putting laundry on the couch to be folded and put away felt like we were stepping back in time three years. But, if he needed to see for himself and was willing to do it himself, I couldn’t really argue.

So, for one week I put the laundry on the couch when it came out of the dryer. And for one week it sat there unfolded while everyone scavenged it, pulling out just what they needed.

Our three year old played in it. And above, he pulled out a pair of Tom’s underwear to put on because he thought it was his shirt!!! (And no, Tom doesn’t know there is a picture of his underwear here…he should read my blog more! ;)

Why didn’t it work? Because after a full day of work, no one feels like folding laundry. On a Saturday morning, sure, not so bad, but on a Thursday night? No way, it just doesn’t happen.

So the next week we went back to the old (trusty, faithful) laundry system.


Sometimes we need to make concessions in the name of sanity! Yes, perfectly folded undershirts would look beautiful in the closet. You could pull out a fresh, wrinkle free top each day…but right now, in this season of life, it just isn’t practical for our family…or I should say, it just isn’t a PRIORITY.

I would never want anyone to think our family looks sloppy or unkempt…but that has never been the observation. So I say, why fix something that isn’t broken and that has been working VERY well for our family.

And my encouragement to you is to think outside of the box if there is something thats causing stress in your household. We often resort to methods (like folding every. single. piece. of. laundry.) because thats how we grew up. But, at the end of the day, I want our house to be a haven and a place to re-charge…and having laundry all over the house isn’t conducive with that!

Here is that link again to my laundry system, or watch the video above and you’ll get the gist!

I’d love to know if you have any tips or tricks to keep laundry manageable at your house?

Best wishes with your laundry!!

Let’s keep in touch!




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Oh my gosh, I do this too! It took me over 4 years to finally stop having clean laundry sitting around in baskets constantly. We have two little boys and they each have 5 shirts and 5 pairs of pants which I just throw into their designated fabric container, one container for their 5-pairs-each pjs (they wear the same size, honestly, so it doesn’t matter right now.) Then a little recycled shoe box for their unmatched socks and one for their tossed-in underwear. And a fabric container for their total of 4 pairs of shoes (one regular pair and one pair of sandals.) And a final bin for extras like their one hoodie, swimming suits and two extra getting-dirty shirts.)
We separate our dirty clothes into 3 baskets (dad, mom, kids) and wash everyone’s separately. No one has clothes that bleed, so they all get washed all at once and when I see that one person is running low on clothes, I start a load.
I immediately toss them into their places in less than 2 minutes straight out of the dryer and voila! everyone can find clothes without any problems whatsoever.
My husband and I have fabric bins too, but I do hang up our shirts since they tend to get more wrinkled than little kid clothes. But it still only takes 2 seconds because I have the entire family’s clothes in the same closet.
Anyway, just thought it was awesome that I’m not the only one that thinks folding clothes is a complete and utter waste of time!
I’d rather be able to find it quickly than expect it to be pretty and never get done.

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