Want to Really Dig Deeper Into Minimalism?

In this masterclass you'll go deeper with decluttering and simplifying one room of your home so that you can fully experience minimalism in this space.

Whether you're just getting started simplifying, or you're looking to fine tune your home-

You're in the right place.

No matter where your space is currently, this class will take you to the next level! Learn the strategies to go even further into incorporating minimalism into your life:

  • Bust through decluttering plateaus
  • Get one room or space FULLY decluttered¬†
  • Participate in 6 hours of guided decluttering & "body doubling"
  • Live sessions are complete BUT you can still purchase to access all replays
  • Learn from & be coached by two minimalism experts

Yes, it really is possible!

*The masterclass is stored in a course-style format so you can revisit it at any time. All class sessions replays are 60 minutes long:

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Through the Masterclass You Will…

  • Find motivation (even if you're feeling tired & stressed)
  • Have built-in accountability through watching the replay¬†sessions
  • Have fun & enjoy the process by being part of a group¬†all working towards the same goal

This is a time multiplier! With the help of your masterclass instructors, a clear game plan and the support of the other members, you'll achieve your goals faster and with more ease than trying to do it on your own!


Your Masterclass Instructors

Dawn Madsen

Also known as The Minimal Mom, Dawn Madsen and her family have lived as minimalists for over 8 years now. Passionate about the message of minimalism, she reaches over a million people each month on YouTube sharing practical tips and ideas to simplify and declutter.

Dawn is the author of the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day workbook and course, and co-creator of the Take Your House Back course.

She and her husband Tom live on a farm just outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota with their four kids ages 9-14.

Zo√ę Kim

Zo√ę Kim is¬†the author of Minimalism for Families, a minimalist mom of four, and the voice behind Raising Simple.

She partners with individuals to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. She believes in developing a minimalist lifestyle through positive perspective changes and practical solutions.

Zo√ę's teaching and writing style has been described as pragmatic and thoughtful. With that, her goal is to help you find the best solution to simplify your home and life.

In her recreational time,¬†Zo√ę enjoys being outside with her kids, swimming and perusing the local farmers market.¬†She currently lives outside of Atlanta with¬†her partner, Matt Paxton, and¬†their¬†seven children.

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What's Included in the Masterclass


Setting Yourself up for Success

We want you to be wildly successful during the masterclass! You'll receive a pre-class checklist to help you:

  • Select the space that you'll declutter
  • Have the supplies that you'll need
  • Determine what's working & what's not
  • Work through overwhelm & self-doubt

You’ll start the masterclass from a position of strength and with the ability to maximize our time together.

Creating Your Personal Game Plan

All live sessions are complete but the course replays are available (each session is 60 minutes long):

  • Session 1:¬†Welcome & 6 Key Questions Discussed (Dawn &¬†Zo√ę)
  • Session 2: Goal Setting & Body Doubling (Dawn & Zo√ę)
  • Session 3:¬†Body Doubling, Q&A, Check-In (Zo√ę)

*"Body Doubling" simply means working together. This is a powerful tactic to maximize and accelerate your productivity!

Support & Accountability

This second day of class is all about support and accountability (each session is 60 minutes long):

  • Session 4:¬†Roadblocks & "The Messy Middle"¬†(Dawn & Zo√ę)
  • Session 5:¬†Q&A, Ideas, Experiences (Zo√ę)

You'll feel motivated and be held accountable! You'll also be able to ask questions specific to your process within a special curated community.

Class Finale

The class finale session is a time to celebrate your progress:

  • Session 6:¬†Progress Check-in, Wins, Pivots & Success Plan for Moving Forward (Dawn & Zo√ę)
  • We'll celebrate the progress that you've made
  • Create a game plan for next steps

You’ll finish this masterclass with tons of progress made and a clear game plan to finish any final pieces.

Join the Masterclass: Just $24

*Why Body Doubling?

A powerful aspect of this masterclass is the multiple hours of body doubling built in. Body doubling taps into the human need for companionship and accountability to boost productivity and motivation.

HOW IT WORKS: Body doubling involves two individuals working in parallel, each on their own tasks, within the same space or through a virtual setup. 

MOTIVATION: The power of body doubling lies in its ability to transform the work environment into one of mutual support. Knowing that another person is present and working alongside you can significantly decrease feelings of isolation and discouragement. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: The mere presence of another person can motivate individuals to stay on task and resist the temptation to give in to distractions. It's easier to focus when you know someone else is also putting in the effort.

NATURAL PACING: Additionally, body doubling can indirectly promote healthy work habits by setting a pace and structure for the work session. 

The practice PROVES that sometimes simply having someone else in the room (or on the screen) can make all the difference.

This Masterclass is For You If...

  • You KNOW that you would feel better in a simplified home
  • You struggle to find time & motivation
  • You're¬†feeling overwhelmed & don't know where to start
  • You¬†often second-guess yourself & have difficulty making decisions
This masterclass is custom fit to you...

What is your goal?

Do you want your house to take less time to manage?

Do you want more peace & less stress?

Are you hoping to find more time for family & strengthening relationships?

Do you want to share your home with others but don't feel like you can invite friends in?

No matter what your goal, we'll help you get there!

Save your spot today!

Registration is OPEN!

The Minimalism Masterclass is a one-time fee of $24. This includes lifetime access to the content in a course format. All LIVE class sessions have already taken place, BUT you can still purchase the masterclass replays (each session is 60 minutes long):

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