Welcome to our master bedroom. When we moved into this house I was surprised to hear that my husband thought that our master bedrooms were too “girly” in the past. To me they may have been boring (lots of beige), but I wouldn’t have considered them girly.

So, while I wasn’t ready to give up complete control of the design in our bedroom, I told him I was open to input. So he picked out this teal meets slate blue color for the walls and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is peaceful and restful but still current.


I also really liked the dresser that he chose (black, from Ikea):


I selected this manly “Bold as a Lion” poster from LifePosters.org, available HERE, that we framed (in a frame from Ikea, probably goes without saying! ;) )Master-Lion-PrintAnd, when we were in the market for new bedding we had been watching Hotel Impossible (we were running out of G Rated programs to watch on Netflix, what can I say), but I decided that I wanted “hotel style” bedding.  One of my favorite parts about going to a hotel, is the nice white sheets and sateen striped overlay. So that is what I chose…


I really do appreciate how peaceful and simple our bedroom is. If you look inside the night stands (mostly just there to hold our lamps and on my list to replace!), they are pretty bare:


Haha, I should move the bible up to the top drawer, then it really would look like a hotel ;)

And the dresser is about five times larger than it would need to be to hold our clothes, but we like the style and how it balances our large bed frame:



In the end I really like the more masculine design of our bedroom, and it was fun to collaborate on the choices.

Basement Family Room –>



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I couldn’t live quite this minimalist. Really? No toys in the kids’ rooms? No comfy throws or books? No plants? Essentially bare walls?i guess this lifestyle isn’t for everyone :).


Your house is gorgeous! It looks so comfortable and inviting. I appreciate that what you have chosen to keep/use in your home is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks again for sharing.


Thank you! It has been a process deciding what to keep, and what adds to our home, and what has no purpose or actually creates more work to keep.


My favorite thing about embracing a more minimalist lifestyle is the freedom from owning stuff. You just wouldn’t believe how much time is put into owning stuff, and I love spending all that time playing with the (4!)kids instead. I had seen all the benefits myself, but after reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne our lives were turned around by really embracing every aspect of simplicity. Truly. Thanks again for sharing your blog!


So true Shannon…it is almost something you have to experience to truly believe…I knew it would be good when I started the journey, but now, having gotten this far, the benefits are so much better than I ever could have imagined. I’m glad you commented, I think it will encourage others!


We are about to move into a new home in three months, having already purged of many things while jumping from one place to another since we left our home, I still feel we have too much, but can’t find the courage to let go of some items. I know it’s me, because I don’t like spending all day cleaning, plus all the chores that come with three kids. As I see your home, it’s what I dream of having to be less stressed about home messes and junk! I feel life is not about having a to-do list we can never catch up on, but about being present everyday. Thanks for sharing everything and motivating me and many others!!


I love this whole concept… But I can’t imagine for instance fitting mine and my husbands clothes all in the kind of dresser you have- is that seriously all your clothes? What about hanging shirts and dresses?? You’ve done an amazing job


Good question…we have a walk-in closet, too, that we use for all of our hanging, I’ll have to add a picture of that, as well :) But the closet is about 1/3 full compared to when we first moved in. I REALLY appreciate having limited options to choose from when I’m getting ready, but still buy trendy pieces from time to time to mix in with my basics so I don’t feel completely out of style :)


may i ask the paint color you used for your bedroom? i love it! thank you! finally! realistic pictures of a pretty minimalist home with several children!

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