Welcome to our main level living room right off of our kitchen. We don’t use it much except when we are entertaining since the TV and toys are in the family room downstairs.


Now don’t get me wrong, I actually really like coffee tables, end tables, and a few decorations…but see all of these little guys:


It was just too hard to keep it clean, unbroken, and everything in place. So for this season, we’ll keep the room a little more bare and when they are older, I can decorate a little more again!



This is the Palette Wood Baby gate that my husband built for us. It functions great and adds character to our home.



You can read about the construction process and find plans for it HERE!



You can read more about our fireplace surround at I Think We Could Be Friends, it is actually free palette wood, find the post here: Palette Wood Fireplace surround (seriously, did you ever think that free palette wood could look so good?!? You can see more pictures of the fireplace surround and about the process HERE).



There isn’t much in this room, but it fills up quickly when we have company and no one notices :)

Next is the kitchen!



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Wow, this is REALY inspiring! I would never have guessed this is what minimalism looks like for a family!



I just came across your blog via Pinterest and am loving it! I have two young kids and am wanting to pare down the furniture in our apartment. How do you deal with not having end tables or a coffee table, esp when you have company? I’d like to clear out some of the extra tables we have but also feel like i need to make sure people have places to set a drink. I’d love to know how this works for you! ;)


Great question Jenny…we had end tables from Ikea, they don’t carry them anymore, but they were cute and I’d let the kids build forts with them and flip them over and pretend they were cars…and after awhile they were no longer sturdy enough to trust a drink on. SO, I would like to replace them with either tv trays that can be set up when we have company (and that are at least a little cute) like these:  
TV Tray
or something really sturdy that the kids can play with and not wreck, like these (I REALLY like these!): End Tables
Since we live in MN and end up inside for large portions of the day in the winter, it helps my sanity to have furniture (like our leather couches) that the kids can play on and still looks presentable. So I’m on the look-out :)


Hi Dawn! I recently stumbled across your site after searching “minimalist” on Pinterest and I’m loving your home! You are my 2016 inspiration! The fireplace and baby gate are fantastic. Your home is beautiful, simple, clutter free and still has so much character and charm! I’m wondering if you can share where I might find a couch and chair like the one in your livingroom? My husband and I have been looking for leather (best option with 3 little ones around) but haven’t found anything we like yet until now!


Hi Shannon! We actually found it on Craigslist…which is not very helpful to you :( I do love the leather with kids, it is virtually indestructible :)


Love your home! Where do you store books? Bookcase?


I love your home! It’s warm, inviting and so lovely and spacious for your family. Also, very easy to clean and keep neat. Enjoy!


Beautiful home! Wondering what color you painted your walls throughout your main living area?


It is a Behr color from Home Depot called “Graceful Gray.” It is a really warm, light gray. We tried quite a few shades before we found the right one, grey can be a little tricky, a few of the shades were too cool toned, so it looked like a cement wall when we put it up. In fact, my husband thought the paint sample looked too close to the builder beige that was already on the walls when we moved in, but once we put it on, it complemented the oak molding well, and gave a really nice, peaceful feel.


I love your home and share your philosophies! The similarities between our toy collections are striking! Like we also have dolls but no big stuff for them. I have to ask you something, though- do you have storage areas? My house mostly looks very similar (I have 4 kids ages 4 to 13) but I have stuff in my garage- mostly outgrown and yet to be grown into kids’ clothes, Christmas decorations (just two apple boxes), winter gear (coats, snowpants, boots), camping stuff, bicycles, bike helmets, tools, yard equipment, etc. How do you store stuff like that? Or do you store stuff like that? What about board games, more art supplies (or do you just have the paper and crayons?), kids’ and adult books, where do you keep books you have out from the library, etc? I’d love for my house to look like yours (and it almost does. . . except the storage of what I still think is minimal stuff considering our family size, but it takes up a lot of room in our small storage areas). I’d love to hear your thoughts on storage (and even see pics of storage areas if you’re willing to share)


Love the look! Especially the forest scene picture. What is it called and where can I find it?

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