When we first moved into our town home I was a bit concerned about the size of the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and hosting and didn’t think it would be quite big enough.

But, like with the rest of the house, as soon as I purged it of everything unnecessary, it is more than big enough and actually functions extremely well.

I’ve really appreciated having the counters clear of everything. Mentally, it makes cleaning up a breeze. If there is stuff on the counters, it means that it needs to get put away, I don’t have to process “that stays out, that goes away…maybe I’ll leave that out for now because I’ll use it again tomorrow…” Instead, everything has a place out of sight and that is its home.

I keep serving dishes and my grandma’s milk glasses on the shelves above the sink, they also double as decoration. The vintage pendant lights (Ikea) were a fun, inexpensive update to our kitchen–only $30 each.



But I think what most people want to see, at least I know that I did when I was getting rid of things, is how far do I go? How many plates? And cups? And spoons??? Here is a look inside our cupboards:


I have more than one plate/cup/bowl per person because the kids aren’t quite old enough to wash their own yet, so for right now, I try and do the dishes once per day, and we have enough to eat a couple of meals before I need to do them.

And here’s a look inside our pantry:


I don’t like stocking up on grocery items (besides meat), because I usually forget that I have them…instead, I try to make a loose meal plan each week and get just enough groceries to get through the week.


I also really like the table set (still available at Ikea). The glass top makes the table appear to take up less space and the metal framed chairs are indestructible. Even the cane seats don’t show any wear yet.




Let’s head upstairs to the baby bedroom!

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This is REALLY inspiring! You can even look inside their cabinets to see what minimalism really looks like!



Very inspiring! I would love to see more pictures of the inside of your other kitchen cupboards!


What do you use to serve meals to company? And doesn’t not stocking up on food make weekly budget more expensive?


Hi Katie, good question! This is an area where I’ve had to decide just how much energy to invest into saving money…for us right now I’ve decided that I’ll save money by getting 80-85% of our groceries at Aldi and the few things that I can’t get there I get at Walmart or Target (in our area they are the least expensive next options). If I find things on sale that we use on a regular basis I’ll grab one or two extra, but that is about as far as I go. For me, regular meal planning has made the biggest difference. I usually go grocery shopping on Friday and make a list of 5-6 meals that I want to make in the upcoming week. I don’t assign the meals to days because I never know exactly how much time I will have or if we’ll end up going to my parents for dinner, so I just keep the list on the fridge, and each morning decide what we will have for dinner that evening. I try to decide in the morning so that I can take out meat to thaw, or do some prep like chopping veggies to make it come together more quickly in the evening. I know myself, I have more energy in the morning, so if I get dinner started then, I’m more likely to follow through when 5:00 rolls around. If I haven’t started anything, I’m tempted to say, I had a busy day, let’s just order pizza or ask my husband to stop and get something on his way home.

However, with all of this said, we did just get a Costco membership, and as the kids get older and eat more, I think I will need to be more intentional about watching for sales and stocking up on sale items or buying in bulk to save money. It is important to me that we are wise with our finances, but always a balance with what is practical in this season :)


Oh, and we also buy wholesale meat from Zaycon, the price is generally cheaper than the grocery store, the quality is much better, and I like having it prepped in the freezer :) http://www.ithinkwecouldbefriends.com/2015/11/08/wholesale-zaycon-chicken/


…and in regards to serving company, we actually have 24 plates in the cupboard, they are melmac, I found them on clearance at Target. I like that they are light enough for the kids to use, but still look nice when we have guests.


Hi Dawn,
I just found your blog via Pinterest & I too live in MN.
I really love what I’ve seen so far on your blog, many great points. I’m a mommy of 2 (15 mo daughter & 2mo son) and seeing all your minimalistic suggestions makes things seem so much more realistic!!
I do have a question – I love the picture on your kitchen wall “Roots & Wings” … do you know where you bought this from?


Hi Kat, it’s so nice to meet another Minnesotan :) I actually designed that artwork myself, I had seen the quote on Pinterest and fell in love with it! I’d be happy to send the art file to you and then you can print it yourself (I printed mine at Sam’s club, they are the least expensive, followed by Walmart, and the frame is from Ikea). Feel free to send me an email and I will send it back to you along with a few other printing & framing tips I’ve learned over the years: DawnNotDiana{at}gmail.com (I think it goes without saying, but replace {at} with an @ sign, I just don’t want to get spammed! ;)


Where do you store the high chair?! :) I’m considering remodeling my kitchen like yours! I love the layout and mine’s very similar except I have a peninsula and will be replacing it with an island.


It actually folds up and fits in our little pantry, although, most often it sits out :)


Hi Dawn,
I like many of your ideas. I did have one thought immediately come to mind concerning your food/pantry.
This is one area I struggle with when going minimal. I have 3 children and my husband & I. I’ve always felt a responsibility to have a bit of food storage. There are many outside forces I can’t control but I have control over my loved ones going hungry. What are your plans for natural disasters, empty store shelves, halts in pervayors able to make it to your town? Loss of jobs, haunts on bank transactions? I’m not a worry worth by any means. I just have lived long enough to know these things happen. I couldn’t stand to see my loved ones hungry. What are your thoughts on this?


Kelly, that’s a great question, my husband and I honestly haven’t given it much thought or felt led to stock up. Perhaps one reason being that my parents live a few miles away and have two deep freezers and a large pantry full of food, so we’d probably rely on them. However, if we would feel prompted to stock up, we do have plenty of space to store things. Great point, I think I’ll need to give it some more thought! :)

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