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I feel fortunate to have grown up on a farm in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities. Born an identical twin, my youth was spent trying to explain to people how to tell us apart, helping with chores, and endless hours playing outside with our cousins.

After high school I went on to get a degree in marketing and fell in love with graphic design. In the following years I worked, met my husband, started having kids, stopped working outside of our home, had more kids, and now live just a few miles from my parent’s farm.

I also started another blog two years ago called I Think We Could Be Friends. I contribute there occasionally along with my twin sister Diana, two therapist friends and many guests. It has turned into a fun community where we support “happy homes and healthy relationships.”

And while it has been great sharing my ideas over at I Think We Could Be Friends, my hope for The Minimal Mom is to share more specifically about our journey of taking on a more minimalistic lifestyle. By having fewer material possessions to manage I find myself with more time to visit and garden, cook, play with our kids and do free lance and pro bono graphic design–my passion.

And our home is just more peaceful, I love being here. But while I have come to really appreciate a minimalistic lifestyle, I’m aware that it not become my religion. My true hope and faith is in Jesus whether we have 8,000 things or 8.

So, no matter what journey you’re on right now, if you’re looking to pare down a little (or a lot!), would you introduce yourself in the comments? I’d love to meet you and keep in touch! You can  use the button below to subscribe by email for occasional updates and follow us on Facebook.

I look forward to getting to know you better,


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Hi, Dawn! I came across your blog via Pinterest. Your home tour is fascinating! I am a wife of thirteen years and mom with three kids (11 y.o. boy, 6 y.o. boy, and 4 y.o. girl) living in Idaho. I too am following a minimalist lifestyle due mostly to the fact that we have changed residences thirteen times in the span of our marriage, including four changes of states, and packing a glut of belongings is entirely overwhelming. I’m so glad to see a family that lives as we do simply because it’s simple! I do have one question: what do you do about winter things? Minnesota isn’t exactly tropical and we live in snow country as well. The sheer volume of boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, coats, and scarves is a bit much to wrangle and I would love to see how you deal with it all. Keep up the great writing and I look forward to seeing future posts and information!


Hello! I can identify so much with you. I’m the mom to 4: 2 girls 8 and 6, and 2 boys 4 and 2. I also have a passion for graphic design and was raised in the country (not on a farm though). We’ve been striving towards minimalist for reasons of sanity and I came across your blog on Pinterest. Looking forward to checking it out more and seeing just how minimal comfy can be.


That is so cool that you have two girls and two boys like us, and similar ages just a little older (isn’t it fun that they the’ll each have a built in best friend :), and that you’re into graphic design, and grew up in the country…I wish you lived next door!


I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog tonight! I’m such a huge fan of simplified living. A little more than a year ago, our family of 4 had an estate sale and moved out of our cozy 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom condo. The change has been incredible. I’m actually really looking forward to the new year so I can take the time to go through everything again and clear out what we’re not using. I noticed you grew up south of the Twin Cities. We’re up in Duluth now, but we lived for a short time in Owatonna and then in Minneapolis. We’re continuing to simplify as we get closer to moving long-term to Kenya. We hope to move in the fall! I write at TheMangoMemoirs.com if you’re ever curious with a few extra minutes. (Which I know may be rare with 4 little ones!) Oh, and my faith is in Jesus, too. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Hi Dawn! I saw a pin by you that automatically came up in my Pinterest pins and I was interested so I actually opened the pin, loved the article, and then realized that I knew who you were! I am from St Cloud. Small world!

Out family has been on a minimalism journey. We have a ways to go but it’s encouraging to see how a mama of Littles can do it! Thanks for the encouragement!


Hello! I happened upon your youtube channel a couple of days ago and am now enjoying your blog.
I am also from MN (northern) and also the mother of 2 girls and 2 boys but mine are a fair amount older ranging in age from 12-19. I also love Jesus Christ and am trying to live with less without that becoming my religion.

This month I have really been dedicated to going through things and clearing out clutter. It has been going well and I have gotten rid of hundreds of items but it didn’t hit home just how much we really had until I decided to count some of the dishes as I was going through my kitchen cupboards. We have a large house and kitchen and we like to have a lot of company so I wanted to be sure in the midst of my wanting to be more minimal that I didn’t wipe us out to far. Also I just wanted some solid facts to share with my mom as to why we didn’t really need more dishes when she went to thrift stores. I discovered that I had 80 dessert plates, over 60 tea cups/mugs, over 60 plates, 50 bowls, 18 serving bowls, etc. Though I do have big parties we do NOT need that much! Yes I have had over 80 people over before but at that point we do usually go to using paper plates (though I try to use them as little as possible). Anyway it was rather amazing to all of us except our 17 year old son who is in charge of putting dishes away in our household. We went through my 12 year old daughters closet yesterday and were able to move out more than 90 items. The sheer volume that we can collect is amazing. Especially so to me as I rarely go shopping but I do say yes to hand-me-downs and other things given to us. Anyway I appreciate the message you are sharing and it has been encouraging to me. Keep up the good work.

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