I bought Halloween costumes for the first time this year.

It really isn’t that big of deal…except I swore I would never buy Halloween costumes.

I had vowed around the time our first was born to make the kids’ costumes or piece them together with inexpensive things from the Dollar Store, things we had at home and the occasional hand made piece.

And then, we were driving to Walmart yesterday and the thought entered my mind “just let the girls pick out costumes and be done with it.”

Our two oldest are four and six and they hadn’t decided yet what they wanted to be. The idea of the tooth fairy had been out there…I could do that…I could make a tooth wand to go along with one of the princess dresses they already had. I was trying to talk them into being fairies…wings from the Dollar Store, bam…fairy!

They weren’t thrilled about that and were still “thinking about it.”

So as I drove, I thought “well why not?”

The “why not” for me is because we’ve been working our butts off to get out of debt these last couple of years and the end is finally in sight. To me, it feels like if we make unnecessary purchases now, it makes sacrifices in the past seem less worthwhile.

But, I’ve also had to reconcile that I simply can’t do it all. Our kids are 6, 4, 2 and 1…they require massive amounts of energy every day. Laundry and cleaning for six requires massive amounts of energy. Working on the side with kids requires energy. Engaging my husband when he gets home requires energy. Making dinner requires energy.

And I’ve come to realize that my days aren’t limited by the hours in them, but rather by the amount of energy I have. We only get so much in a day…it can be only five o’clock, still plenty of good hours left in the day, but I stare at the fridge and stove and think “the absolute last thing that I want to do right now is make supper.” My energy is gone.

So as I’ve realized this, I’ve gotten more protective and am more aware of things that require energy.

I could make costumes for the girls, but it would likely require another trip to the store or multiple stores and some kind of sewing or craft project. Our oldest gets to wear her costume to school, so it has to withstand the day, unlike some of the costumes that I have made in the past that are good for two hours while they trick or treat, tops.

Or, we could buy them and I’ll still have energy to cook dinner tonight…which also saves money as opposed to eating out and is healthier for us.

So we walked into Walmart, I put a firm $15 limit on each one and we found a Minnie Mouse costume for $10 and the Little Mermaid for $15…done.

We can't do it all! Learning when to make things and when to buy to keep our household peaceful and running smoothly!

…and the girls love them…and will be able to wear them for dress-up even after Halloween.

And I still had the energy to cook dinner last night :)

Am I going to start buying everything now…no…I’ll be selective, and weigh the cost.

Oh, and our two little guy’s are going to be “hunters” with camouflage and blaze orange items they already have (they are 2 and 1 so they still don’t quite get it :) )

And someday, I hope to make their costumes again, I do enjoy it…when I have the time energy for it :)

Do you make costumes? Or usually buy them? I’d love to know!



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We can't do it all! Learning when to make things and when to buy to keep our household peaceful and running smoothly!




I have twins. This year I am making one, and we bought the other last year (spiderman) and that is what he wants to be again (yay!).


That’s great! I was really hoping they would want to wear their same princess dresses from last year, but no luck! :)

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