Funny thing about our daughters’ room: when we moved into our townhouse, we weren’t sure how long we would be here, so we decided to paint all of the rooms in neutral colors so that we wouldn’t have to re-paint if we moved.

So we went to Menards, got to the paint department, and my husband says “girls, what color do you want your room to be??? You can pick any color!”


So they picked pink…of course, they were two and four at the time!

As soon as I started putting it on the walls I knew that a whole room that color would be WAY too much, so I just did the bottom third or so on two walls and the rest is a robin egg color (one of the three colors that the rest of our house is painted in).


The girls really don’t do much in their room besides sleep, so we’ve kept it pretty simple. They each have their own desk (from a garage sale and our next door neighbor for free) and a magnetic board (Ikea) where they can keep their treasures, art projects and anything else that they would like.

You probably recognize the bunk beds from Ikea, as well as the blue folding chairs.


I decided to use folding chairs at their desks so that they can easily be relocated to the kitchen when we entertain.


What has seemed kind of funny to me is that they LOVE having their room clean. They don’t mind helping to pick it up or make their beds and then they just stand back and look at it, it never seems to get old to them :)


I also made this artwork for their room:


And I have about 7/8 of a gallon of pink paint left over if you want to use some! ;)

Master Bedroom –>



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Oh, I just LOVED this tour! I’ve been working towards a minimalist life since becoming a SAHM with the birth of our 3rd baby back in July. This makes me want to toss/donate ton of stuff! Thanks for the motivation.


I’m so glad to hear that :) Honestly, I thought once I started staying home full time that our house would always be clean because I would finally have the time to do it…haha, I think the opposite happened, since the kids and I were home all day there were messes and more dishes and more to clean up, and a lot of days I would look at the toys all over the floor and think “what is the point of cleaning them up? It will just look like this again tomorrow…” It was frustrating and overwhelming and caused tension between my husband and I. All of that to say, GOOD JOB! It is SO worth the time and energy that it takes to simplify :)


Love the message on the artwork! Foundational for life and so good for your children to know!


Love this set up! I am trying to locate that beautiful folding chair on Ikea’s website and am not having any luck.


Bummer…I was just looking on the Ikea site, too, hoping I could help you, but I don’t see them anymore either :(


Where do you keep all the toys? I don’t have a separate play room for my kids and my son and daughter ages 8 and 6 temporarily share a bedroom. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Love your house and pictures are so helpful to help me see a vision for my own developing minimalist home.
Thanks a bunch!!


Where are their clothes?


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I didn’t have a picture of their closet, I’ll get one added, but in the meantime, you can see their closet here, a post I did about our laundry system. We’ve been using this system for over two years now and it has worked really well:


I love the message on the wall, we all need to see that in our bedrooms!
Yes just wondering where all the clothes go?! It’s beautiful though


Ah! I just realized that I don’t have a picture of their closet…thank you for noticing :) You can see a picture in this post I did about our laundry system. Basically, it is a wire frame cube shelf with diaper boxes…we’ve been using the same boxes for over two years now and they still work great :)


I just found your blog and am looking forward to looking at more of it. I’m interested in “cozy minimalism” and found your home tour post via a pin in someone’s board for that. I especially liked that you have created a minimalist home with color. Your prints are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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