But where do I start???

“Where did you start?”

I generally find that people are very supportive about the changes our family has made to our home, namely, getting rid of 85% of our “stuff.” But when they think about actually doing something like this for their own home this look comes across their face like “oh…I…oh…my…where would I…I mean…I don’t even know…know where I would begin…”

Been there…I get that. Our house wasn’t terrible when I began, but it was still overwhelming.

So I had to get one thing straight when I began: WHAT IS THE GOAL?

I had to clarify: What am I working toward and how will I know when I arrive?

As with any large undertaking, if we don’t know what the point is, the initiative won’t last long.

But if you have a clear idea where you’re headed and what the benefit will be, well that’s when the magic happens. 

So I got really specific about what I wanted in the end: I wanted my home to require half as much time to manage so that I could devote more time and energy to free lance and pro bono graphic design for small business, non-profits and ministries.

I envisioned what it would look like for our home to have that clean feeling that we typically only experienced right before we had visitors. I imagined what it would feel like to be able to work at my computer for a few hours each morning without feeling guilty that I should be cleaning or meal planning or organizing.

And on days when it felt like I was only treading water and that my past three months of work was all undone by a barrage of Christmas gifts, I imagined the goal again. I reminded myself that it was going to be worth it.

So what could your goal be?

Maybe you want your kids to be able to have their friends over and play hide and seek in your house, unknowingly going through every room and closet looking for the perfect hiding spot, but its ok because its all CLEAN.

Maybe not having to spend full days cleaning before you entertain for the holidays appeals to you.

Or maybe you feel a calling on your life to start a business or non-profit or ministry, but right now the thought is too overwhelming…but if your house was a refuge and not a stressor…who knows what you could achieve?

I don’t feel that it is an overstatement to say that a messy house can keep us from following our dreams. In my experience, once things are taken care of on the home front, a whole new world opens up to us.

So take care of your home front and dream about the future…you were created with an awesome purpose! You are creative and smart and there are people who need you.

Bless you friend, simplifying your home is not always easy, but it IS worth it!

(And once you get this step down, here is the next step that I recommend to simplify your home)

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Make a list of the rooms or areas you’d like to declutter first. Be sure to also jot down the closets, drawers, cabinets, junk drawers etc. that you’d like to declutter in each room then come up with a plan and goals for your decluttering project. Try to give yourself plenty of time. There’s no need to rush. Just be sure that you are serious enough to complete your goals in a decent amount of time so that you can start living a less cluttered life! Jot your plans down on a calendar if it will help you stay motivated to complete your decluttering project.


Great (great, great) advice Ryan, thanks for sharing!


Loved this post. Time and energy taking care of possessions interferes with living deliberately according to our values. Without an understanding of this in mind, the focus remains on only the material aspect of downsizing.

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