Welcome to the room where the kids spend the majority of their day (when we’re inside) and where my husband and I relax after they go to bed.





We keep all of the kids’ toys behind the couch. You can read about what I think is the best toy storage system ever created and see it in action here :) This is what it looks like behind the couch:


Here is the room from the other direction:

Recliners are not always stylish, but it is comfortable!


It worked out well that the furnace closet is right behind the TV, so we were able to mount everything on the wall to keep it up and out of reach of all of the little hands in our house. We subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime and don’t usually run out of things to watch. We’ve pretty much gotten rid of all of our DVD’s except for all 10 seasons of Friends…they are on Netflix now, but it just isn’t the same ;)



And here is a little closer look at the bathroom off of the Family room. It isn’t very exciting.



Since we still have two in diapers, I keep a basket on the back of the toilet with them for access. Want to see what it looks like under the sink?


This is the bathroom I usually get ready in because it is close to where the kids are, so the baskets hold my styling products.

What I appreciate most about our basement is that even if the kids pull out every toy in the room, empty the contents of the bathroom cabinet and anything else they can find, it can all be put back away in about ten minutes (or less)…and that is awesome.

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Hi Dawn,
It really is a gift to find your house tour. Very, very inspiring. Makes my mind run to ereas of my house I would like to simplify :-)
I love the relaxing and inviting atmosphere of your house. And I revisited the home tour a few times and saw something new all the time. So I guess, just wanted to thank you for sharing! And there is one thing I am curious of… I don’t see any tables in the playroom and the living room. Where do you put your drinks, like coffee / tea?


Not a book in sight, how dreary.


Hey, I came across your home tour months ago and I revisit every few weeks. I LOVE your house, it’s perfect.
My favourite part is looking in your cupboards and drawers and seeing that there really isn’t a lot of stuff. It’s looks so calming. I also love the fact you don’t have “decorative” clutter everywhere.
Thank you for sharing


Thank you Victoria! I wasn’t sure quite how in depth to go with the tour, do people really want to see inside cupboards or is a picture of the room enough…feedback like this is VERY helpful! Blessings on your journey! :)


Did you make the sign behind the couch? So cute, but I am not great at DIY crafty projects.


I did! That’s why I put chalk board paint on it, so I could have multiple tries to get the writing to look good ;)


hi Dawn,
I am just starting my journey on living more simply and with less stuff. Watching your videos and reading your blog has been such an inspiration too me. Where did you get the cabinet you have for the children’s toys or did your husband make them? How big/size are the containers and are they the same size? I am thinking about making one for my son’s stuff. Wish me luck and thankyou for doing these videos they are helping me so much!


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