Welcome to our home! We’re so glad that you are here :)

Since simplifying, our home has become our own little oasis in a busy, busy world. People often commented when we brought our fourth baby home here “oh, are you outgrowing that town home? Are you going to need to start looking for a bigger home soon?”

Actually, not only is our town home plenty big enough for our family of six, we have spaces we don’t even use…and that is awesome :)

On to the design, I love when functional and stylish meet which is where the board and batten came in. You can read more about the process for creating it HERE. (And while you are there you can also see what our entryway looked like orange…the pictures hurt my eyes ;) )

I love how the dark doors contrast with the light walls. They were simple to paint and the latex paint has held up really well. Just get a mini, fine roller and a quart of paint and let the transformation begin!


In Minnesota it easy to let coats, and hats, and mittens and boots accumulate, but I try to keep it limited to one light weight and one winter coat for each person. I also look for more neutral shoes that go with everything…I don’t always succeed, but it helps keep our closet a little more manageable!


I really like theses multi hooks on the doors, it makes it easy for the kids to hang up their own coats when we get home.

“Have a place for everything”…from keys, to mail, to shoes, I try and keep this in mind.


And we don’t have a ton of extra room for seating, but I  really like how this bench (Ikea) functions, it is sturdy and easy for our guests to store their shoes on.

Let’s continue to the living room, we’re so glad you’re here!



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Wow, this is REALLY inspiring! I wouldn't think of minimalism looking like this :)



I LOVE your whole house. What do you do for children’s books? Are you library users? If not, I hope you’ll look into it!


Ah yes! I’ve pared the kid’s books down to about twenty that we own and then we use the library. I actually keep them in a cupboard in the kitchen and they “check them out” from me when they want one, I was tired of them getting destroyed and colored in when they were with the toys. We try and have some quiet time while I’m making dinner or after, so it works well to keep them in the kitchen for us :)


You have a lovely home! I enjoyed all the photos. Very inspirational!


How do you store paperwork? It seems like we have paperwork from bills to important stuff everywhere.

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