A week in my sister’s minimal home

Admittedly, one of the barriers keeping my husband Tom and I from going on a “real” vacation was child care. With four kids ages 2, 3, 5 and 7, it isn’t for the faint of heart. My newly married, twin sister Diana and husband Princeton accepted the challenge graciously and stayed at our house with … Continue Reading

A Dream Come True

Through the magic of Facebook we’ve seen just about every friend and family member go on some sort of awesome (usually tropical) vacation in the nine years since we’ve been married. And while we are happy for them (mostly ;) its always a reminder that we don’t “get” to do that. Instead we’ve used our … Continue Reading

How I Store & Organize Kid’s Clothes

It still strikes me at times, that our problem is excess when the majority of the world lives with so much less. Even my mom never had this problem of WAY too many kid’s clothes. So let’s not be too hard on ourselves if our kids grow before they have a chance to wear things … Continue Reading

My First Stitch Fix Experience

(This ISN’T a sponsored post!) Early on in my minimalist journey I pared down my wardrobe to the essentials. I created a “capsule wardrobe” intuitively before it became a fad ;) A few basic bottoms and a handful of versatile tops and I was content mixing and matching. Now, as I’ve entered the professional world once again, … Continue Reading

Today we bought our dream home.

It still feels a little surreal actually. Being a farm girl from Minnesota, my dream home is probably slightly different than most, but when we were handed the keys to this little white farm house on 11 acres, I was overjoyed. You see, I’ve driven by this property my whole life. Located just down the road from … Continue Reading

Simplifying Christmas: What Teachers Really Want for Christmas (it’s easy!)

Christmas is already in the air! Well, at stores at least. Our youngest celebrated his first birthday this past October and received a gift that I needed to exchange at Kohl’s. So I told my husband “just drop me off by the door and I’ll run in quick!”…but it was not very quick…