The trick to simplify all of your kids toys in 20 minutes!!

The number one thing that I get asked about is KIDS TOYS! So if you feel overwhelmed by them, you definitely aren’t alone! I made a quick video about: A trick to simplify ALL of your toys in 20 minutes Which toys we’ve kept that promote independent play (this is AWESOME!) Some really unexpected benefits … Continue Reading

Our Florida Family Vacation + 3 things we messed up at Disney World!

In the last couple of years I’ve become an advocate for regular vacations. I KNOW that they cost money and that they aren’t always “practical” but in the words of our high school weightlifting coach “any excuse will do!” (I say this in jest and love!) And I don’t think that I need to reiterate … Continue Reading

The Trick to Simplify your Child’s Wardrobe in 10 Minutes (no matter how BIG it is–SERIOUSLY!!!)

Minimalist Family Life: Let’s talk about kids clothes!! When I first began simplifying our home I was worried about going “too far” with kids clothes. My biggest fear was that I would get rid of too much and then come to realize that I needed the things I had gotten rid. This would mean that … Continue Reading

Baby Scrap Boxes: How I Store Baby Keepsakes

My mom had a cedar chest that she kept our baby clothes in. I remember going through it and pulling out the yellowed pieces from when we were little. Hearing the stories about her dressing my twin sister and I in boy’s clothes because they had no money at the time to buy formula, let alone … Continue Reading

Our Basement Apartment: A family of six in 700 square feet

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of being in our new house and looking back on these pictures from our “transitional housing,” I hardly remember the 8 month season in my parent’s basement. Quite frankly, at the ages of 31 and 32 we didn’t expect to be cramming ourselves into my parent’s unused, lowest … Continue Reading

My Third (& Final) Stitch Fix

The goal with my wardrobe is simple: I want it to be thoughtless. I want to walk to my closet in the morning and know within 15 seconds what I’m going to wear for the day. With this said, I still want to look nice, respectable and for my clothes to look current. What I … Continue Reading