Playroom BEFORE & AFTER + What we do about children’s books!

Oh toy rooms. I get the idea.  Its nice to have all of the toys in one spot. Whether its a dedicated room or section of your family room, our intentions are good. If we keep the toys there, they won’t be ALL OVER the house. Brilliant. Except, I don’t know about you, but it … Continue Reading

The trick to simplify all of your kids toys in 20 minutes!!

The number one thing that I get asked about is KIDS TOYS! So if you feel overwhelmed by them, you definitely aren’t alone! I made a quick video about: A trick to simplify ALL of your toys in 20 minutes Which toys we’ve kept that promote independent play (this is AWESOME!) Some really unexpected benefits … Continue Reading

Reader Question: How do we put a stop to the overwhelming amount of toys that enter our house for birthdays, Christmas (& everything in between!)?

Question:  I’m a mom of 4 and we are far from minimalists, though it would be a dream to make a move in that direction.  We have a ton of family, and they all love to lavish my children with gifts: Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving they find any reason to buy my kids MORE.  … Continue Reading

Simplifying Toys: The time (& sanity) saving trick for sorting all of your kids’ toys in an hour

Look familiar? (To me the funniest part is my husband’s dirty clothes on the right mixed in with everything else!) For me, one of the most daunting minimizing tasks was simplifying and purging the kids toys. With four kids it felt like there were toys everywhere…we tried to keep them contained to the family room, … Continue Reading

Simplifying Toys: Which ones made the cut

Children’s toys can be one of the most daunting areas of simplifying life. Our kids love each and every one (just ask them!), we’ve invested good money into them, and almost certainly, as soon as we get rid of any they ask where it is and break down because it was their favorite. Sigh. But…it … Continue Reading

The Best Toy Storage & Organization

I’ve been on the hunt for quite awhile to find a sleek and affordable solution for storing toys in our basement family room. I wanted something that looked a little sophisticated since it would be in plain view. It also needed to have large bins, be easy for the kids to use and not break the … Continue Reading