I’ve decided not to tell people what to get our kids this year.

I’ve decided not to tell people what to get our kids for Christmas this year. This comes after a few year stretch of asking and hinting to our family to get the kids “experiences” or things that they can do, you know, something¬†practical. It is a common topic right now around gift giving, and it … Continue Reading

Simplifying Christmas: What Teachers Really Want for Christmas (it’s easy!)

Christmas is already in the air! Well, at stores at least. Our youngest celebrated his first birthday this past October and received a gift that I needed to exchange at Kohl’s. So I told my husband “just drop me off by the door and I’ll run in quick!”…but it was not very quick…

Simplifying Christmas: Give more gift cards

My goal this year is to really enjoy the Christmas season with my family. Our kids are 6,4, 2 and 1 right now, so Christmas is a BLAST with them. They love every aspect of it: the lights, the cookies, the Christmas program and special Christmas service, Christmas movies, Christmas crafts, the gatherings, and of … Continue Reading

Simplifying Christmas: How to (tactfully) opt out of Gift Exchanges

I get it. The conversation is still awkward for me at times even though I have been tactfully opting out of gift exchanges for quite a few years now. And here we were, Thanksgiving with my in-laws and the inevitable conversation of type of gift exchange and the dollar limit had begun. I was waiting … Continue Reading