Welcome to our oldest son’s room (he’s two now). It is basically just a place where he sleeps and where his clothes are kept.


This is our youngest guy standing in the crib (I had to keep him contained while I was taking pictures!), he is still in our room in a co-sleeper (best invention ever, in my opinion–even though before we had kids we swore we would never let a child in our bed, the co-sleeper definitely helps with that, you can read more about that journey HERE, its been one of my most popular posts at I Think We Could Be Friends :)



While we don’t use the changing table for changing anymore, it is where all of his clothes are kept. The baskets are part of the laundry system that changed my life, click HERE to read about it!


The girls’ closet is really odd shaped, so I keep their dresses hung up in here. On the shelf above is our infant’s clothes in baskets.



Not much else to see here…let’s continue the tour!

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This is VERY inspiring! This makes minimalism look really appealing and not strange at all!



I absolutely love your home!! I’m trying to do the same thing in my home. It’s made things soooo much easier to clean. It’s made it so much easier to make meals for my family to have counters clear to prep meals, serve meals and then to clean afterwards. I keep thinking done and find more things that I don’t use or love and purge them by trash, recycle or donate. Job well done. A true inspiration. Thanks!


Thanks Amy and I always love hearing from others who are living in a similar fashion and how well it works for them! There are still times when I wonder if I’ve gone too far, nice to know that I am not alone!


I love how your home looks. Room to breathe. Room for kids to move and breathe easy. I have a question: What do you do with papers? For example, incoming bills and letters, children’s artwork, etc.


It took me a little while to develop a system to keep piles of paper from accumulating on our counter, but now everything gets filed in my office in the file folders behind my desk. Mail goes straight to my office and I have a folder for bills to pay and a to-do folder for things like school permission slips and what not, I go through this every Monday morning (if it needs to be handled before Monday I try and take care of it right away). And I generally err on the side of throwing as much of the paper that comes in as possible. Almost everything can be found online now, so I try not to keep things “just in case” and worse case, I can generally call and request a replacement of something, however, this rarely, rarely happens.

Artwork…I toss most of it…I have one small scrap box that I keep for especially important things, but our six year old makes three projects a day, she LOVES art, and I believe that the joy of it is found in the creating of the art, not necessarily the archiving of it. I know there are apps for your phone where you can take pictures of their artwork to save, I have to admit, I am not the most sentimental person, so this hasn’t been particularly difficult for me, but it can be for others. I’ve also really, really come to value the simplicity of our home, so keeping that in mind, makes difficult decisions of “keep or not keep” a little easier, too :) Blessings on your journey as you figure out what is best for your family!


I have a question, I’m a mom of 4 and we are far from minimalists, though it would be a dream to make a move in that direction. We have a ton of family, and they all love to lavish my children with gifts: Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving they find any reason to buy my kids MORE. I’ve politely asked them not to, I’ve moaned and groaned behind their backs and even tossed and donated much of it. But I feel guilty, because family comes over a lot and my children tell on me, and family notices some how in our sea of toys that their most recent gift cannot be located. How can I put a stop to this? I need a creative idea here.


GREAT & common question, I answer it here: http://www.theminimalmom.com/reader-question/

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