When you stop by for a visit (we’d love to have you!), this is likely the bathroom that you’ll use. 90% the kid’s bathroom and 10% grown-up guest bath, I tried to find a happy medium between fun and…what’s the word…adult-esque.



I always get asked where the shower curtain came from, which was Target a few seasons ago…so your best bet of finding it would be GoodWill or a garage sale ;)


Usually there is a hand soap on the counter as well…I didn’t realize it was missing until post-production…I think the kids took it outside when they were playing with the hose…something about a car wash…oh well, a dollar hand soap is a small price to pay for an hour of entertainment.


I’ve pretty much gotten rid of anything that “sits out” but this bird always makes me smile. My mom bought him for me when we had a girls morning out one time, happy memories attached and he is hardly an inconvenience :)



I love making custom artwork for our home. I had seen a DIY project with paint chips that created a similar design…but that sounds too messy and time consuming to me, so I whipped up this “Happy, Happy, Happy” print.



For the bathtub toys, I use an old dish rack, it strains them well at the end of bath time:


And, if you have hooks in your bathroom, do yourself a HUGE favor and put loops on your towels! Ikea was kind enough to make these towels with them already on:


No more picking up towels off the floor when they slide off the hooks…victory!


Well that concludes the tour of our bathroom…one of my favorite rooms in our house (because of the decor…the function is appreciated, too, though ;) )

Next is the girls’ bedroom –>



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Wow, this is REALLY inspiring! See what minimalism actually LOOKS like!



I agree with the loops on towels. My 8 children are ‘grown.’ Oh how I wish I had known this YEARS ago. But… I know it now and have added loops to my non-IKEA towels. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing…found you through Pinterest.


Lately I’ve tried to be really intentional about what things around our house annoy me…the towels were definitely one…I’ve come to realize that fixing the things that bug me generally don’t take that long, just a little thought…and it was so nice of Ikea to think this one through for me ;)


Do you have any other hooks? Just thinking there’d be 4 towels?


When we first moved in we only had three, and he was an infant, so we just used two towels between the three of them, but now we’ve been putting two towels on each hook, but we need to add a couple more :)


This is lovely. I love your blog, ideas, and all that you share. Thank-you! What do you do with toothpaste, toothbrushes, brushes, floss, etc.? Thank-you:)


Lovely! No pics of inside the cabinet? I have a single vanity, no drawers, cabinet in our 90%kids/10%guest bathroom. Lol. There’s not a ton under there but it’s always a mess. Lol.


Good question Toni, I began to wonder if people actually want to see inside all of the cabinets!?! This was a pretty boring one, but I should have (and we’ve since moved) BUT, I can tell you, all that was under there was TB cleaner and brush and stool for the kids :)


i love the ” HAPPY ” print. i like the towel ideas and the shower curtain is adorable!

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