We had a successful first day of school! This year we have a second grader, first grader and our third started preschool (4K), leaving just our youngest and I at home on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

In the past first days of school have left me slightly sad, a reminder that our kids are growing up and won’t be little forever. And of course worrying about whether or not they’ll fit in, if they’ll like their new teacher and classroom, if they’ll make new friends quickly or get lost on the way to the bathroom.

But this year was different.

While I don’t want our kids to grow up too quickly, we had a great summer. We had lots of time together in the garden and cooking and at my parent’s farm. We went to the beach and pool a few times, and had a long weekend at a cabin. But mostly, the kids played and were kids.

It’s nice to head into fall with no regrets about the summer. I feel like we did everything I hoped we would and now we can welcome in a new season with anticipation not regret.

I also felt less angst this year because I’ve come to truly believe this: I can’t control what goes on at school, but I can make sure they come home to a peaceful house, where they can let their guard down, relax and know that they’re accepted and loved.

When we were driving home from school our 7 year old said “mom I felt embarrassed today.”

I was surprised that she would share that feeling and she proceeded to tell us how she thought a friend was gesturing towards her to come and play with her but was actually was motioning to a girl behind her.

I’ll be honest my gut instinct was to want to protect her from the embarrassment but I know its part of growing up and developing confidence. I told her that I think one of the best things we can do when we feel embarrassed is to share it with someone else who we trust and they can help us remember that it happens to all of us. (Then I told her the story of when I was walking down the hall at school one day and this boy I liked was walking towards me and raised his hand as he walked by, I thought he wanted a high five but he was just waving and he gave me a strange look…whoops ;)

Then we got home to everything comfortable and familiar. We made supper and they recounted their days and I feel confident that it is going to be a really great school year.



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