Through the magic of Facebook we’ve seen just about every friend and family member go on some sort of awesome (usually tropical) vacation in the nine years since we’ve been married.

And while we are happy for them (mostly ;) its always a reminder that we don’t “get” to do that.

Instead we’ve used our money to pay for a house flip that flopped, a business loan for a business that didn’t succeed, student loans, hospital bills and day to day life so that I could stay home with our kids.

Not glamorous stuff, but we know that whether we’ve gone on fancy vacations or not we are blessed and VERY fortunate.

But, I still sometimes looked enviously at other’s vacation pictures.

So we just kept plugging away. Throughout the years we’ve worked diligently to get out of debt and looking back, I have to say this:

The peace of mind that comes from being in financial control of your life far exceeds the enjoyment of a vacation put on a credit card.

Hands down.

(And I LOVE vacations…I would prefer them over any nice vehicle or home or other material possession)

Our vacation to Hawaii last week was AWESOME. It was relaxing and fun and far exceeded any expectation I had for it. We ate good food, we stayed in a nice hotel, we were able to see and do the things that we wanted to while we were there.

I know what added to the sweetness was that we had waited for it. And we could afford it. And I knew that it wasn’t a one time experience, that now we’d be able to take more trips like this in the future.

And I can wholeheartedly say that it was worth the wait. The nine year wait.

I truly hope that you are in a place to take wonderful vacations. They are rejuvenating to say the least, I came back ready to conquer the world!

But if you’re not quite there yet, my encouragement to you would be this: Make a plan, work the plan and before you know it you’ll be there, too. I can vividly remember the first time that we added up all of our debt and it was over $150,000, NOT including our mortgage. I felt defeated and like we’d NEVER get ahead. I wanted to give up and not even try.

But it took less time than we thought (it definitely doesn’t have to take nine years, we could have gotten serious much sooner!)…but no matter how long it takes, you’ll look back and be grateful for the decision you made.

The time is going to pass regardless, why not use it to your advantage ;)

Here’s to really great vacations, now or down the road!



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