House Tour: Boy Bedroom

Welcome to our oldest son’s room (he’s two now). It is basically just a place where he sleeps and where his clothes are kept. This is our youngest guy standing in the crib (I had to keep him contained while I was taking pictures!), he is still in our room in a co-sleeper (best invention … Continue Reading

House Tour: My Office

Welcome to my office. As I’ve shared before, one of the driving forces behind living a more minimalistic lifestyle was to be able to have more time to do free lance and pro bono graphic design. I spend at least a few hours in my office each day and wanted it to be a place … Continue Reading

House Tour: Kitchen

When we first moved into our town home I was a bit concerned about the size of the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and hosting and didn’t think it would be quite big enough. But, like with the rest of the house, as soon as I purged it of everything unnecessary, it is more than … Continue Reading

House Tour: Bathroom

When you stop by for a visit (we’d love to have you!), this is likely the bathroom that you’ll use. 90% the kid’s bathroom and 10% grown-up guest bath, I tried to find a happy medium between fun and…what’s the word…adult-esque.   I always get asked where the shower curtain came from, which was Target … Continue Reading

Hi, I’m Dawn

  A little more about me… I feel fortunate to have grown up on a farm in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities. Born an identical twin, my youth was spent trying to explain to people how to tell us apart, helping with chores, and endless hours playing outside with our cousins. After high school I … Continue Reading