House Tour: Kitchen

When we first moved into our town home I was a bit concerned about the size of the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and hosting and didn’t think it would be quite big enough.

But, like with the rest of the house, as soon as I purged it of everything unnecessary, it is more than big enough and actually functions extremely well.

I’ve really appreciated having the counters clear of everything. Mentally, it makes cleaning up a breeze. If there is stuff on the counters, it means that it needs to get put away, I don’t have to process “that stays out, that goes away…maybe I’ll leave that out for now because I’ll use it again tomorrow…” Instead, everything has a place out of sight and that is its home.

I keep serving dishes and my grandma’s milk glasses on the shelves above the sink, they also double as decoration. The vintage pendant lights (Ikea) were a fun, inexpensive update to our kitchen–only $30 each.



But I think what most people want to see, at least I know that I did when I was getting rid of things, is how far do I go? How many plates? And cups? And spoons??? Here is a look inside our cupboards:


I have more than one plate/cup/bowl per person because the kids aren’t quite old enough to wash their own yet, so for right now, I try and do the dishes once per day, and we have enough to eat a couple of meals before I need to do them.

And here’s a look inside our pantry:


I don’t like stocking up on grocery items (besides meat), because I usually forget that I have them…instead, I try to make a loose meal plan each week and get just enough groceries to get through the week.


I also really like the table set (still available at Ikea). The glass top makes the table appear to take up less space and the metal framed chairs are indestructible. Even the cane seats don’t show any wear yet.




Let’s head upstairs to the baby bedroom!

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This is REALLY inspiring! You can even look inside their cabinets to see what minimalism really looks like!

House Tour: Bathroom

When you stop by for a visit (we’d love to have you!), this is likely the bathroom that you’ll use. 90% the kid’s bathroom and 10% grown-up guest bath, I tried to find a happy medium between fun and…what’s the word…adult-esque.



I always get asked where the shower curtain came from, which was Target a few seasons ago…so your best bet of finding it would be GoodWill or a garage sale ;)


Usually there is a hand soap on the counter as well…I didn’t realize it was missing until post-production…I think the kids took it outside when they were playing with the hose…something about a car wash…oh well, a dollar hand soap is a small price to pay for an hour of entertainment.


I’ve pretty much gotten rid of anything that “sits out” but this bird always makes me smile. My mom bought him for me when we had a girls morning out one time, happy memories attached and he is hardly an inconvenience :)



I love making custom artwork for our home. I had seen a DIY project with paint chips that created a similar design…but that sounds too messy and time consuming to me, so I whipped up this “Happy, Happy, Happy” print.



For the bathtub toys, I use an old dish rack, it strains them well at the end of bath time:


And, if you have hooks in your bathroom, do yourself a HUGE favor and put loops on your towels! Ikea was kind enough to make these towels with them already on:


No more picking up towels off the floor when they slide off the hooks…victory!


Well that concludes the tour of our bathroom…one of my favorite rooms in our house (because of the decor…the function is appreciated, too, though ;) )

Next is the girls’ bedroom –>



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Wow, this is REALLY inspiring! See what minimalism actually LOOKS like!

Hi, I’m Dawn


A little more about me…

I feel fortunate to have grown up on a farm in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities. Born an identical twin, my youth was spent trying to explain to people how to tell us apart, helping with chores, and endless hours playing outside with our cousins.

After high school I went on to get a degree in marketing and fell in love with graphic design. In the following years I worked, met my husband, started having kids, stopped working outside of our home, had more kids, and now live just a few miles from my parent’s farm.

I also started another blog two years ago called I Think We Could Be Friends. I contribute there occasionally along with my twin sister Diana, two therapist friends and many guests. It has turned into a fun community where we support “happy homes and healthy relationships.”

And while it has been great sharing my ideas over at I Think We Could Be Friends, my hope for The Minimal Mom is to share more specifically about our journey of taking on a more minimalistic lifestyle. By having fewer material possessions to manage I find myself with more time to visit and garden, cook, play with our kids and do free lance and pro bono graphic design–my passion.

And our home is just more peaceful, I love being here. But while I have come to really appreciate a minimalistic lifestyle, I’m aware that it not become my religion. My true hope and faith is in Jesus whether we have 8,000 things or 8.

So, no matter what journey you’re on right now, if you’re looking to pare down a little (or a lot!), would you introduce yourself in the comments? I’d love to meet you and keep in touch! You can  use the button below to subscribe by email for occasional updates and follow us on Facebook.

I look forward to getting to know you better,


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Simple Supper Friday: Smoked Sausage & Hashbrowns

With Christmas just a week away, we don’t have time for complicated dinners! Even with trying to keep Christmas as simple as possible this year so that we could fully enjoy the season with our kids, I still have a few gifts to buy!

So I love the versatility of this recipe, you can throw it in the crock pot before you head out the door, or dump everything into a casserole dish and stick it in the oven like I did.

Simple Supper Friday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

By the time Friday afternoon rolls around my energy for the week is gone.

The temptation is to order pizza or some other meal out instead of cooking. However, I finally decided that Friday nights would be a good time to use quick recipes with pre-packaged ingredients (you know, ALL of the ones that you see on Pinterest ;).

They definitely aren’t the most healthy recipes, but they are less expensive then eating out and healthier.