When I first started simplifying my home, I’d look at an item and think: “Should I keep this or not?” And then I’d have to think about it…I sometimes use it or so and so gave it to me or the WORST ever “I may need it someday.” I mean after all, I wouldn’t have … Continue Reading

  That’s me, standing in the wheat field, with my arms raised, warm sun in my face…I feel free, and happy, and joyful and at peace. Ok, so obviously that’s not me…never once has my life looked like this (even growing up on a farm ;)). But as I search for a way to describe … Continue Reading

I’ve been on the hunt for quite awhile to find a sleek and affordable solution for storing toys in our basement family room. I wanted something that looked a little sophisticated since it would be in plain view. It also needed to have large bins, be easy for the kids to use and not break the … Continue Reading

I distinctly remember one day when I worked in radio. It was the new year and we had a financial advisor on the morning show to talk about budgeting. One thing he said has always stuck with me: “Unfortunately, giving up your $5 a day latte isn’t going to get you out of your financial … Continue Reading

As we unpacked the van after all of our Easter celebrations last night I felt a little overwhelmed by all that the kids had received. So naturally,  I began to compose a note in my head to send to all of our well-meaning friends and family: Hi there, Thank you so much for all of the … Continue Reading

When it comes to deciding which things to keep or pass on, this has been one of the most difficult areas for me: What about all of the kind, generous, thoughtful gifts you have received over the years? I present to you exhibit A: My mom and sister gave this to me when we moved … Continue Reading