I knew this summer would go fast, they always do. And with my twin sister’s wedding mid-June, a new house to settle into, a garden to tend to, and a much anticipated vacation without kids (our first ever!)…my heart is full as I reflect on it. And I can truly say without hesitation, having our … Continue Reading

It still feels a little surreal actually. Being a farm girl from Minnesota, my dream home is probably slightly different than most, but when we were handed the keys to this little white farm house on 11 acres, I was overjoyed. You see, I’ve driven by this property my whole life. Located just down the road from … Continue Reading

I’ve decided not to tell people what to get our kids for Christmas this year. This comes after a few year stretch of asking and hinting to our family to get the kids “experiences” or things that they can do, you know, something practical. It is a common topic right now around gift giving, and it … Continue Reading

**Note: Chicken is currently on sale for $1.69/lb., this generally happens once or twice per year, but if you are interested, you may need to order soon, it can sell out!** Our littlest guy has been sick since Thursday night. You know the kind where every hour you’re debating if you should take him in … Continue Reading

Christmas is already in the air! Well, at stores at least. Our youngest celebrated his first birthday this past October and received a gift that I needed to exchange at Kohl’s. So I told my husband “just drop me off by the door and I’ll run in quick!”…but it was not very quick…

I came across this article on Becoming Minimalist the other day: The Completely Achievable Path to Becoming a One-Income Family It reminded me of my own story of becoming a stay at home mom. It’s been over three years now, so I have probably begun to take it for granted, but here is how it began: … Continue Reading