My Third (& Final) Stitch Fix

The goal with my wardrobe is simple: I want it to be thoughtless.

I want to walk to my closet in the morning and know within 15 seconds what I’m going to wear for the day.

With this said, I still want to look nice, respectable and for my clothes to look current.

What I don’t want:

  • anything that I don’t feel comfortable in or that is uncomfortable to wear
  • to have to try on multiple outfits in the morning
  • clothes that are high maintenance to launder (like hand wash or dry clean only)
  • to feel guilty about items I’ve purchased and never worn

Last summer I had three dressy tops and a handful of casual t-shirts and tank tops. I had two pairs of dress bottoms and a few pairs of shorts. Plus one denim dress:

Reader Question: How do we put a stop to the overwhelming amount of toys that enter our house for birthdays, Christmas (& everything in between!)?

Question:  I’m a mom of 4 and we are far from minimalists, though it would be a dream to make a move in that direction.  We have a ton of family, and they all love to lavish my children with gifts: Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving they find any reason to buy my kids MORE.  I’ve politely asked them not to, I’ve moaned and groaned behind their backs and even tossed and donated much of it.  But I feel guilty, because family comes over a lot and my children tell on me, and family notices some how in our sea of toys that their most recent gift cannot be located.  How can I put a stop to this?  I need a creative idea here.


I totally get it. We have four kids age 7 and under and they are the only kids on my side. Their grandparents and aunts and uncles LOVE to spoil them and seem to bring them something almost every time we see them.

Something from the Dollar Store, another thing from a garage sale, this thing they couldn’t pass up at Target, a souvenir from the trip they took and oh look! We just found this when we were cleaning the basement! ;)

It is overwhelming for my husband and I at times, but it can be overwhelming to the kids, too.


How I Store & Organize Kid’s Clothes

It still strikes me at times, that our problem is excess when the majority of the world lives with so much less. Even my mom never had this problem of WAY too many kid’s clothes.

So let’s not be too hard on ourselves if our kids grow before they have a chance to wear things we bought  or if we sometimes go overboard at the Target clearance rack or garage sales. And lets also extend grace to our well meaning friends and family who contribute to this “problem.”

We’re all working to figure this out.

How much clothing do kids really need anyway?

How I’ve Simplified Dinner with an Instant Pot + My Favorite Weeknight Recipes

Since I simplified our kitchen a few years ago, I’ve noticed I cook at home more and find it more enjoyable. But, life is still busy and unpredictable at times, so having quick and easy go-to dinners is always helpful.

I first noticed the Instant Pot on Pinterest. Posts about quick dinners and making healthy eating easier caused me to take a second look, but it really looked like a glorified crock pot. I don’t have a great history with small appliances, I used a rice cooker once and then gave it away and store my crock pot in the basement because I just don’t use it that often.

But as I read more about it, I realized that it was actually quite a few notches up from a crock pot and started to think that maybe it could make cooking quicker and easier.

Should I even bother making a New Year’s resolution this year? 3 resolutions worth making

I’m guessing when it comes to making and keeping New Year’s resolutions, we’re in the same boat: we’ve failed at more than we’ve achieved…and at the moment, I can’t actually think of any that I’ve actually kept…for more than one week.

And most often I would say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So let’s not set ourselves up for failure yet again and just skip over this silly resolution tradition.

Except for this: If you’re also like me, there are things in your life that need to change, and if not now, then when?

Our summer: We laughed, we celebrated, we swam, we camp-fired, we vacationed, we gardened, we LIVED.

I knew this summer would go fast, they always do. And with my twin sister’s wedding mid-June, a new house to settle into, a garden to tend to, and a much anticipated vacation without kids (our first ever!)…my heart is full as I reflect on it.

And I can truly say without hesitation, having our home pared down to just the necessities made the summer months feel

How we save time & money with wholesale chicken (& you can, too!)

**Note: Chicken is currently on sale for $1.69/lb., this generally happens once or twice per year, but if you are interested, you may need to order soon, it can sell out!**

Our littlest guy has been sick since Thursday night. You know the kind where every hour you’re debating if you should take him in or not?

No, he’s getting better…oh good, he’s sitting on the floor playing…now he’s back in my lap…oh good, he wants to eat again…nope, it just came back up.

The day I unexpectedly became a stay at home mom

I came across this article on Becoming Minimalist the other day: The Completely Achievable Path to Becoming a One-Income Family

It reminded me of my own story of becoming a stay at home mom. It’s been over three years now, so I have probably begun to take it for granted, but here is how it began:

I had gone to work like every other day, but mid morning I was called into my general manager’s office and asked not to return the next day.

The details no longer matter, but needless to say I was stunned, and worried about what the future would hold.

Simplifying Christmas: Give more gift cards

My goal this year is to really enjoy the Christmas season with my family. Our kids are 6,4, 2 and 1 right now, so Christmas is a BLAST with them. They love every aspect of it: the lights, the cookies, the Christmas program and special Christmas service, Christmas movies, Christmas crafts, the gatherings, and of course the gifts.

It is so fun to celebrate this season with them.

So I’ve tried to take inventory of what distracts me from truly enjoying this time of year, and most of it revolves around gift giving.

Finding great gifts takes time, energy, and MONEY.

So here is my plan of attack this Christmas season:

Simplifying Christmas: How to (tactfully) opt out of Gift Exchanges

I get it.

The conversation is still awkward for me at times even though I have been tactfully opting out of gift exchanges for quite a few years now.

And here we were, Thanksgiving with my in-laws and the inevitable conversation of type of gift exchange and the dollar limit had begun.

I was waiting for the right time to chime in and graciously decline participation on behalf of my husband and I.