The Week my husband tried to change my Laundry System

I get it. My laundry system is slightly unconventional. It was developed during what we lovingly refer to as the “survival years.” The time a couple years back when we had four kids ages five and under. It was pre-minimalism and the joys of raising young kids only slightly outweighed the stresses of being a stay … Continue Reading

Cultivating Contentment in Kids + Our Disney Count Down!

Tom laughed when I said that I wanted to write about how I had been noticing that our trip to Disney World was becoming an awesome teaching point for contentment in our kids’ lives. “Disney World is pretty much the opposite illustration of contentment” he said. But, stick with me for a moment and I’ll … Continue Reading

Please don’t get a gym membership- get this instead!

I believe you absolutely CAN lose weight this year, but PLEASE don’t get a gym membership or buy new shoes! Let me back up fifteen years. I worked my way through college as a personal trainer. I spent a lot of time in the weight room in high school and had taken an interest in … Continue Reading

Should I even bother making a New Year’s resolution this year? 3 resolutions worth making

I’m guessing when it comes to making and keeping New Year’s resolutions, we’re in the same boat: we’ve failed at more than we’ve achieved…and at the moment, I can’t actually think of any that I’ve actually kept…for more than one week. And most often I would say that the definition of insanity is doing the … Continue Reading

Baby Scrap Boxes: How I Store Baby Keepsakes

My mom had a cedar chest that she kept our baby clothes in. I remember going through it and pulling out the yellowed pieces from when we were little. Hearing the stories about her dressing my twin sister and I in boy’s clothes because they had no money at the time to buy formula, let alone … Continue Reading

Back to School without stress…something’s different this year!

We had a successful first day of school! This year we have a second grader, first grader and our third started preschool (4K), leaving just our youngest and I at home on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In the past first days of school have left me slightly sad, a reminder that our kids are growing … Continue Reading